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Toddler's eating??

I'm straying from baby in hope of a little advice to pass on to my sister who is tearing her hair out with worry...

My nephew is 17 months old, he only weighs 19lb and refuses to eat, every day my sister goes through the motions of making him his meals, sitting down to eat with him etc but he just won't touch it, he cries where he is sooo hungry but still won't eat, on a good day he'll have a weetabix & a few bites of a sandwhich but other than that he only takes his two milk bottles and a little water in between.

My sis took him to baby clinic to be weighed & ask for help but has now been told she will be refered to a social worker if my nephew doesn't put on weight, which is just so un helpful. My poor sister is really trying but doesn't really know what to do next....any advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks xx


  • Oh that sounds scary them referring her when she needs guidance and help. Is she able to speak with her GP or are these associated? Gp may have different advice.

    Is it that your nephew is relutant to try moving onto lumpier foods, i know some children do get bit upset and find it a bit step moving onto lumpier food? If so then maybe keep giving him foods that are a consistency he prefers and just gradually add little bit more texture.

    I just went through almost a week of my son being stubborn and refusing to eat his dinners and this week he is back to old self again! I was ery strict in that if he didnt eat his dinner then no pudding. He would eat tea which is usually sandwiches or similar.

    Will see if have any more ideas when had some sleep xx
  • could be reflux or something, if he is clearly hungry and not eating thats very different from a small appetite, thats tells me something is up.
  • Hiya

    We went through something very similar when Ty was 10 months old and it lasted a long time. It was only after he got ill and then better he decided to eat. It was so frustrating. I think our problems were a mixture of things, he had reflux (now grown out of), also we tried lumps too early. He went from being a baby who would eat loads of purees, to eating nothing at all. Its very hard and soul destroying, we went to GP, HV. In the end I stopped getting stressed about it, I started BLW him which seemed to help. Now, if he starts windscreen wiping or messing with his food, I just assume he's had enough and we move on. I used to give him more milk, which was prob wrong but at least i knew he was getting his calories.

    Maybe worth seeing if you can get paed refferal to check for reflux or swallowing issues.

    Sorry not much help, but i do know how hard it is.


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