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i was having a thinl last night as i am sending my two year old nursery 2x week morning only-3 hr sessions. every mum i have spoke to sdaid to expect tears! now im not suggesting ths is fact so please no one jump at me,lol.x

but i wonder if its maybe because they are just to young? would they do it at 4 or 5 having no previous school/nursery experience or would they be worse? im just wondering this and thinking out loud.on the flip side i worry my son isnt around others enough and wil freak out at school at 5 years old and a bit of nursery will prepare him? but maybe 2 is too young, i dont no.

what are you opinions on this? i ma hoping 2x a week is a good balance


  • I used to work with children for about 12 years before i had my lo, and would say most children would have tears when left after their first day, sometimes on their first day they wouldnt cry (if older) as their so much to distract them but sometimes and more often than not specially as it new environment full of people and children they dont know, new children would get a bit tearful! There were occasionally some children that didnt get too upset or didnt cry at all. Also some older ones would get tearful as they can sense parent getting upset.

    So think your friends are just giving you a fair warning to expect some tears, when used to do the taster sessions where the children come with parents for bit at first we use to tell parents to expect some tears so that they were prepared espicially if they not been left in similar environment or with other adults before.

    Ps i think it will help your lo with social skills etc and i would like to send my lo to nursery or similar when he over 2 for same reasons. As you only having 2 morning sessions it may take him a while longer to settle in but again this depends on his experiences.

    Hope i have helped! xxx
  • yeah you may be right, im not sure how my 2 yr old will be.
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