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what can they do at 30months ish?

we are hoping to start ttc in sept/oct time, we already have one little boy who would be 30months when number 2 arrives (if it happens straight away)

i just wondered what your little ones of that age are capable of? do they talk much? do they feed themselves etc?

I know they are all different but i just wanted an idea...

thank you!


  • tbh it's different with every child...JJ is 28 months this month; apart from the odd bit of babble he can say anything and tells us exactly what he wants, feeds himself, is potty trained, amuses himself and plays well alone...i think the key thing is that they understand instructions at this age, if i had a newborn i could say to JJ "put that down" or something similar and he'll do it which is important if you're feeding etc x
  • I agree with MrsJBourne, every child is different but understanding is probably more important than what they can actually do.

    My ds is 30 months and can hold a conversation (too well sometimes lol), is potty trained, only goes in the pushchair if I want him strapped in (if we go into town shopping, for example, and I don't have someone with me to help), he's good at entertaining himself, feeds himnself and has doen for quite a while - he doesn't dress himself, for example, but I think that's laziness, he can get undressed - he will fetch everything we need if I ask him to, - he'll get a muslin and wipes to clean up baby sick without being asked!

    I had me second baby 6 months ago, and have honestly never thought ds was too young when she was born - he's always understood that she has her needs too and sometimes we need to be dealing with them.

    If your lo isn't very independent, then I would suggest that maybe you try to get him used to doing little things by himself before the baby arrives - like getting up and downstairs supervised rather than being carried, walking next to you and holding your hand etc, and getting used to waiting a minute for your attention rather than it always being immediate (so he doesn't associate having to wait with the babies arrival).

    It's hard to look at your baby and imagine them as a big brother, but he'll grow up so much before then.
  • freya is 34 months like chloe, they are all different and it really depends on the child but for a rough idea freya can:

    hold a propper conversation and has been able to for well over a year.

    feed her self since she was less than a year.

    can undress and sort of dress herself if i dont mind taking for ever. although things often end up inside out or back to front!!

    can entertain herself with puzzles imaginative games ect.

    will watch tv or dvd happily if im busy.

    has empathy for other people and understands that she must be gentle with younger children.

    totaly potty trained day and night uses toilet by herself only need to wipe for number 2's.

    as i say they are different but most children will be able to do quite alot of thing independantly at that age. x
  • Completely echo what mrsjbourne said. My dd is the same age as her ds and they are pretty much little kids now.. Sigh xx
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