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19 month not talking

How much should my little boy be talking at 19 months? Ive just been reading up on Internet n it says ' average' 19month old is putting two words together! Luke can say maybe 4 words in total! He babbles and chatters in his little lanuage for England and his understanding is excellent!!! He can do things I ask him, identify all his toy animals, retail a story of what happened through actions (eg this morning my dog dropped her toy on my head while I was asleep and my Hubby laughed...Luke could tell others what happened by doing the actions for what happened after only telling him once. So I am def not worried about his hearing or understanding at all it's just these dam websites worry he behind on his speech? My instinct tells me no and before long I wont b able to shut him up, suppose I just need some 19 months late to be only saying 4 words???


  • MY DD is 19 months too. They all develop at different rates so I would not worry. Keep talking to him constantly and I bet he will soon say lots of things. Let him answer too, sometimes they will pause a lot before answering. Lots of singing too helped my DD. Talk to your HV too if you are really worried.

    My DD is still not walking (are you shocked?. She is cruising like mad and has been for a month at least but still not walking, but she talks for England! I am trying not to worry - in fact I dont - she will do it when she is ready.

    I am sure my post in no help at all, but just wanted to show how differently they develop.

  • I think that sounds normal. Theo is just coming up for 20 months and can say about 10 words (some of which are not that clear, eg dooooo is door. A month ago he was on 5 words so it is starting to pick up but no way can put 2 words together! Friends children the same age are mostly about the same, 1 says nothing and 1 can already count to 10, has an enormous vocabulary and can string words together! He is clearly a child genius! Other Mummy friends say until about 20/21 months it was very limited and then just took off. So I don't think you've anything to worry about xx
  • Ignore the websites! Not many toddlers are going to match up to the exact description of what they should be doing each month!

    My ds started walking at 11 months but his speech has developed at a slower rate. Well he talks for England but actual words have taken longer! He was about the same at 19 months, not many clear words but chattered away.

    Now he's almost 2 and just in the last few weeks he's really come on. He's started to put words together and has about 40ish clear words in total.

    I've been a bit worried at times too, especially after reading the monthly descriptions! Try not to worry, he'll get there in his own time and as you say before long you won't be able to shut him up! image
  • i wouldnt say that that is average. i thought that it was 2 years for putting 2 words together.

    my dd's were both early talkers, they were both talking in sentances before 18 months BUT they are certainly not child genius's and by 2.5 you couldnt tell the difference between them and friends children that didnt say a word until their second birthday.they all develop different skills at different rates and they just happend to develop speach early but it all evens out in the end. xxx
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