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Train set for girls?

I have just bought Happyland Train Set for my daughters 2nd birthday, as keenly suggested by dh. I am a bit concerned how much play it will get for ??35.

Does anyone else have a train set for dh and how well do they play with it?


  • Why do you think it won't get played with? She might love it, she might hate it but I really don't think the fact that she's a girl will make any difference AT ALL. It just depends on what sort of things she likes. xxx
  • My son has just turned 3 and has loads of happyland including the train set and tbh he doesn't play with any of the happyland that much although he does like the train. Tbh I wish we'd spent the money on more wooden train track instead as he's just got loads more of that and loves it - but when we bought the train set we did get his happyland out a lot more for him - now he chooses what he wants.

    In all honesty theres not much y ou can do with it - the track makes an oval and thats it, and the train goes round and round and round and round and round..... until you take the driver out so if lo leaves it running and stops playing with it you've got the noise going on and on and it does get a bit annoying. Its also quite cool though as it stops at the station and then goes again.

    If your lo likes happyland and plays with it a lot then I'd still say its a good thing, especially if you can get the extra track to go with it. The only problem is that as its motorised we always worry about lo breaking it cause he likes to push it along himself.
  • my duaghter (who is of similar age) got the happyland train set for christmas and she LOVES it!! we got her the extra track and the intercity trains aswell that go with it x
  • My ds got a John Crane train set for his Christmas and he loves it! We put it up in his room and it means we get an extra 15 mins in the morning to have our cup of tea in bed - brilliant! I'm sure your dd will love it, lots of the girls in our toddler group play with the train set there too x
  • Does anyone else have a train set for dh and how well do they play with it?

    sorry but did laugh at this as i am sure you ment to put DD not DH!!! my hubby is always talking about converting the loft to a boys room and getting a train set for him and hayden!

    re whether she will get use out of it i guess you will just have to wait and see.

    love fiona
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