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Is over confidence a problem?

and is there anything you can do about it?

Erin is very over confident she started preschool this week and just went bounding in talking to everyone and playing with everything. She has no awareness of personal space she cuddles and kisses everyone and as you can imagine lots of kids do not like this i tell her to just hello and ask their names rather than cuddes etc. she doesn't listen very well and bosses everyone about. she gets very upset when she doesn't get her way but we dont give in to her no matter how many tears.

On the positives she speaks incredibly well, she is polite, she always asks for things. She cares and is empathetic when people are hurt or upset. She rarely is aggressive towards others only if someone has pushed her would she push.

I'm not sure if I should be concerned? I asked them how she got on yesterday as it was her first day on her own, they said she was fine settling well although played with her cousin the whole time which I don't mind, when i asked was she well behaved? they said well its all new she doesnt know the routine yet, which i kinda reading means she probably wasnt that well behaved. At her settle in session she was well behaved until story time when she wouldn't sit still on the mat and talked instead of listening.

I don't know how to calm her over excited confidence or if I need to?

Is this her personality?

Is this a phase?

Is this because I have over praised her IYKWIM?

Is anyone else's lo's like this? it seemed like everyone elses kids were shy and quiet


  • hiya hunni, K said she was starting preschool this week, bless her. tbh I wish both my girls had more confidence, I see it as a positive thing, especially when she starts school- as u know ive had so many problems with dd1 when she first started school just through lack of confidence- she never stands up for herself and just bottles everything up until she gets home to tell me- never will she tell her teacher if there is a problem. I think erin jus has a very confident personality and at the moment she prob has no spacial awareness, whether it be her own or others personal space but that will come with time and as she gets older she will begin to realise that some children may not want to be kissed and cuddled. u havnt done any thing wrong, shes prob jus a very affectionate and excitable little girl.

    its good that she will stick up for herself, and shes not aggressive towards and from meeting her when she was younger she was so polite then, there is nothing worse than having a child with no manners.

    you are doin just fine hun, im sure she will calm down soon and once she knows the routine she will be alot better at storytime.

    thanks for the reply on the funeral post, its nice to hear it from someone else along the lines that i was thinking- u jus worded it better than me, i dont want to over protect them so they dont know/have no vision of what happens when people die and tbh i dont really think that she would be too upset(i dont mean that in a disrespecful way) as im sure she wouldnt actually pay too much attention anyway, im goin to ask her what she wants to do i think and go from there, its so hard, i hate making decisions at the best of times, but this has completely thrown me. speak soon xxx
  • I would say its her personality hun!!! The world would be an awful boring place if we were all the same!! Some of us are extroverts some introverts, some louder than others etc etc.

    My boy isn't shy but he certainly wouldn't go bounding into a room are start talking to kids he had never met before but some at his pre school do. My lo takes stock first and then approaches. I certainly would say it has nothing to do with over praise as I constantly praise ds and he's doesn't have this trait.

    She sounds like a very bubbly keen friendly little girl and the rules of personal space and affection to others she will learn in time. She also sounds quite intelligent so her mind is probably racing 10 to the dozen!! My lo is bright and he doesn't stop talking!! but then I don't either!!

    As for not sitting at reading time, she over excited and like I said her mind is buzzing, pre school should deal with this and I can guarantee when she's settled in she'll know the rules and abide by them.

    I wouldn't worry, I'd be proud you have such a confident lo!!

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