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I'm looking at booking a abroad in September - just before DS turns 2.

Last year we went to a "family" hotel, where the rooms were actually apartments so we had everything we needed, including a seperate lounge and bedroom. This was ideal as it meant we could put DS down to sleep in the bedroom and we could sit up in the lounge and play cards, read etc.

This year I can't find anything in our budget with a similar set up - so we are going to have to opt for a standard room.

My worry is that we are going to have to put DS down and then go to bed ourselves which obviously isn't ideal !!!

Has anyone had this problem - and if so - do you have any tips on how to get around this ???


K x


  • Double post!
  • We went on holiday when Riley was 18 months and had one big studio room. I thought it would be a nightmare with him not having his own room but it was fine. He slept in a travel cot next to the bed. We'd stay out late most nights and he'd fall asleep in the pushchair, then when we got back we'd quickly change his nappy and put him to bed and he'd be so tired from the heat he'd be out like a light. If we stayed up for a bit longer we just sat on the balcony. I think he got used to the noise around him when he was sleeping in the pushchair so we never woke him anyway. x
  • Thanks. I'm hoping as he'll be nearly 2 by then he will stay up a bit later and then sleep in his pushchair if necessary. TBH we are not night owls anyway so won't be out too late - I just didn't want to have to go to bed at 7pm LOL
  • When we go away we always try and get LO off to sleep in his pram too......then transfer him. TBH we had no problems with this what-so-ever.

    We also did what Kel said.....often we got some red and a couple of glasses and has a chat on the balcony.

    Enjoy xxx
  • The website I've been talking about is linked to a company called Travel City Direct. It says on their website they're part of Virgin Holidays but they specialise in cheaper family holidays so I don't know if it would be woth talking to them at all? FloridaBaby's been really useful with packing and travelling tips for when we go so it's nice to know they're child focussed.

    Hope you find the perfect holiday xxx
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