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temp with no other symptoms

last night at 10pm my son had a temp 38.6 gave calpol, and he didnt seem to have any other symptoms. on waking at 9am no temp at all and seemed ok again,slightly off food. all day no temp again till 4pm so gave calpol again and it has come down again, the weird thing is he doesnt have nay other symptoms at all, no cold nothing. i have looked at his body for rashes and he is slightly red in cheeks and a bit red round nappy area but i think its heat related. he is playing and has had a 2.5 hr nap. he still isnt eating but has wet nappies and is drinking alot. im just treating hios temp, assuming that he has a bit of an infection and see how he goes, is that all i can do? dont see what else i can do, he seems well.


  • DH was like this from Tuesday night (last week) to Saturday night. His temp was 39/40.

    All babies are different, but for him, he was teething. It's always the same !!!

    Hope your lo is okay.

  • it did cross my mind that its teething as his cheeks so red.
  • Theo was like this last fri night. Woke up from 10.30 very grizzly and temp raised throughout the night to 39.7 then in the morning came down again. I think in his case it was an ear infection as he got really upset when I took his temperature in one ear but was fine with the other. The next day that ear looked very waxy and dischargey. Could it be that? Otherwise teething does sound very possible. He's coming up for 2 isn't he? Bang on target for the last molars
  • yes i think its teeth, he isnt touching ears or anything unusual
  • he is still abit hot today and appetite is ok ish but only eating dry foods, rice cakes,ceral. he also had a watery yellow poo! although wasnt to foul smelling. he hasnt slept well, woke up from npa crying and not happy.i guess its his teeth after all.
  • My son was like this when he was still growing teeth, but worse. Because he will cry most of the time which causes me to panic and bring him to a doctor, then found out that the fever and watery poo is caused by his growing teeth and there's no need to worry because this is perfectly normal.
  • yes carson is verry tearful on/off, i give him calpol and within mins he perks up! so i no its teeth.
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