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Anyone fancy joining me on fussy eating campaign?

Theo is 20 months and a very fussy eater. There's a lot of great advice on baby expert - especially the posts claireabelle has put on her experience and advice from wondernannt. But I'll be honest and own up to not being very consistent. Sometimes I get quite regimented and it might work for a couple days but I'm quite easily thrown off course by all sorts of things like not being at home at mealtimes (we don't have a very strict routine), Theo coming down with something, my being pregnant and sometimes too sick or tired to cook properly etc. Basically it's me who needs to change habits as much as him!!! Anyway I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and wants to join me. We could post our list of things to try then post everyday what we've offered and what's been eaten... Might help us keep on track and give us new ideas of food and tactics to try.

Anyone with me!?


  • Riley is a fussy eater so I'll join you! He's sat at his table eating coco pops for breakfast at the moment as since he had these for the first time he turns his nose up at weetabix and porridge! x
  • Moonmin I'll join you too!! I am very good at preaching wondernannies advice but I too cold be slapped on the wrist for waivering on the consistency front!!!

    Are you staying on BE or are you trying out the new Nest website?? Its quite good and lots of familiar names over there!!

    anyway, here's shea for today

    Had one weetabix at 6.30am but ate half, asked two minutes after for a party ring!! I didn't give in!!

    9.30am asked again for party ring but I was having toast so he ended up having a round of wolemeal toast and peanut butter he then had a yoghurt

    lunch - he had two babybel cheeses and a packet of walkers baked crisps.........
  • Hi girls

    Sorry not been on much over the weekend. Have just looked at the nest - looks very similar to bx so not sure whether to stick here or do both for a while.

    Anyway, Theo today:

    Breakfast - 1 slice toast with butter & bovril, 2 cups milk & 1 cup squash

    Morning snack - 2 Heinz baby biscuits, pack dried banana chips, cup squash

    Lunch (on the run) - 3 crackers & 2 thick slices cheese, 1 cup squash

    Afternoon snack - 1 cup milk, 1 cup squash, 1/2 bag pumpkin flavour rice cakes(!), 1 bag dried pineapple, 1 babybel

    Now (5.30pm) eating dried mango while I think what to do for dinner

    5.50 - offered baked beans and potato waffle but unsurprisingly they were rejected after all the snacking!

    See my disorganisation Is my failing!! And I realise he's eaten tonnes of snacks especially dried fruit today (could be worse?!) and we do have a bit of a problem with squash & milk. Overall I would say he's eaten a lot today compared to normal but I have mainly stuck to food he likes.
  • Hi, yeah i'm doing both sites at the moment so see how it goes!

    Shea had also had another yoghurt and a breadstick for snack and he had 2 chipolata sausages with homemade oven chips for tea, followed by some milky buttons, he is now having some milk with malted biscuit as we speak!!

    its funny you should mention his juice intake as thats something wonder nanny warned me to watch as they can fill up on juice/ milk and then feel hungry.

    Theo sounds like he's doing okay tho, his food sounds ok to me xx
  • its funny you should mention his juice intake as thats something wonder nanny warned me to watch as they can fill up on juice/ milk and then feel hungry

    I meant NOT feel hungry!!
  • I too am doing both BE and The Nest for now.

    Doesn't seem like Theo did too bad today Moomin!

    This is what Riley's eaten today which also has been fairly good!

    Breakfast-Rice Krispies

    Morning Snack-Raisins

    Dinner-Sunday lunch from yesterday (although not sure what and how much he ate as my mum was looking after him), then half a fruit pot

    Afternoon Snacks-Quavers and a yogurt

    Tea-Beef casserole (he didn't eat any of the beef though just most of the veg and a couple slices of baguette, then a slice of chocolate log from xmas!

    Bedtime-Beaker of milk
  • Hi ladies, how did you get on today?

    Thro has been similar to yesterday - just wants to have snacks. I'm not sure what to do about it. He seems to dictate where and what he has at the moment. The lock catch on our food cupboard broke so he keeps climbing in there and helping himself or getting things from my bag when were out. I have bought new catch for cupboard yesterday so will fix that tonight.

    This evening he woke up late from his nap in a VERY bad mood, crying his heart out. I had already made his dinner (spent ages on special Anabel Karmel recipe) so offered him this but he went berserk. Cried his heart out until I let him have some milk and crisps. I know.... But I didn't know how else to handle it. What do you do if you ever have this kind of reaction? I know I shouldn't have given him the crisps but it was only a few and then I told him they'd all gone. Cue massive tantrum. :?

    Anyway, today's food:

    Breakfast - toasted buttered hot cross bun, 2 small cups milk, 1 cup squash

    Morning snack - some pumpkin rice cakes, half mini blueberry muffin (mine), cup squash

    Lunch - made tortellini with tomato & olive sauce which he usually likes but refused it. Ate 1 babybel and 1.5 pears, cup squash

    Afternoon - (at my sisters) 2 water crackers and 2 celebrations, cup squash

    Dinner - refused homemade turkey, apple & potato burger. Ate a few crisps, 2 satsumas and cup milk
  • Riley regularly wakes very mardy from his nap and it's so hard work because he just wants to be carried around which is annoying when I'm trying to make tea. I always leave tea for at least half an hour after he has woken up in the hope that he's come round a bit or he just won't eat. I've not got a real solution to the problem but he's usually in a better mood when he's not had a nap, although then he sometimes falls asleep in his highchair after tea!

    Today he ate..

    Breakfast-honey loops (or something along those lines)

    Morning snack-slice of toast

    Lunch-Quarter ham sandwich and about half a pack of organix carrot stick crisps

    Tea-Peppered steak which he didn't eat (don't blame him as it was chewy!), curly fries and beans then a yogurt and a fruit pot

    Supper-Half a slice of toast (mine!)

    Beaker of milk at bedtime
  • Morning

    Yesterday Shea had: -

    2 x wholemeal toast with peanut butter followed by fromage frais

    snack at nursery - milk and fruit from salad bar

    lunch - nana and grandad took him to macdonalds!!! 5 chicken nuggets, chips, fruit shoot and an ice cream!!

    snack - raisins with oj

    tea - small homemade pizza with toms, cheddar and ham followed by some angel delight and a few jelly sweets

    beaker of milk and 2 x biscuits

    so far this morning he's had

    2 x weetabix and a yoghurt and gone off to nursery for morning .......
  • Wow, sounds like Shea did amazingly yesterday & still ate dinner after his big Maccy D's!! I'm at work today so will have to see how my mum gets on with it today...
  • Just checking in with today's food. As I said my mum had him except for breakfast but it sounds like he did ok:

    Breakfast - toasted buttered hot cross bun & milk

    Snack - 4 satsumas!

    Lunch - rest of the pumpkin rice cakes (think he had about 1/3 pack a day since Monday) & 1 babybel.

    Snack - 2biscuits (I think 1 was a baby one & one normal)

    Dinner - AK burger from yesterday (hurrah! Contained turkey, apple, onion, potato), 1 pear, 3 satsumas

    Bedtime -milk (has this everyday but I haven't posted that before)

    Hope you've all had good days x
  • Riley skipped tea last night after waking up at 5pm mardy. It seems everytime he wakes from his nap now he's crying and takes ages to calm down. I think he's suffering with his teeth a little at the minute so not sure if that's anything to do with it.

    Breakfast-Rice krispies

    Morning Snack-Pear (this was an achievement as he doesn't usually touch fruit)

    Lunch-Scrambled egg and piece of toast, think he may of had a fruit pot after that

    Afternoon snack-Fruit flakes

    Tea-supposed to be pasta which he didn't touch but apparently ate 2 pieces of toast (hubby was looking after him whilst I was working)

    Beaker of milk at bedtime
  • We had the mardy nap wake up again today image and again it caused havoc with dinner. I'm wondering if I might be better off giving 'dinner' at lunchtime when he might be more receptive and then it's not so bad giving him lunchy stuff in the evening. Anyway, here's how it went:

    Breakfast - made toast with peanut butter. He licked it but wouldn't eat it. Added some jam but again he just licked it before rejecting it. Ate 1 satsuma and a bit of pear plus milk

    Morning snack - couple of rice cakes & cup of squash

    Lunch - crackers, dried pineapple, 1 biscuit, milk & squash

    Afternoon snack - 4 apple rice cakes

    Dinner - cheese, breadsticks, a couple bites of turkey burger (from 2 days ago), squash

    Milk at bedtime.

    Not a great day
  • Can I g/c?

    I was just wondering what advice Wonder Nanny had given re fussy eating? I am always at a loss about what to do when Adam refuses his food - I tend to keep offering different things until he eats *something*, but then feel like I've wasted loads of time, effort and food!

    Is there a strategy, and is it different when he refuses something I know he likes an when it's something new?

    Thank you!
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