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Toddler Beds? When?

LO is 15 months....I have no idea when to move him to a bed....

I was thinking 20 monthsish?

Would you keep them in cot as long as possible?


  • With my son I put him in a cot bed when he was 13 months as he was trying to climb out of the cot all the time and would never settle in it and it was the best thing for us to do for him at the time as I had just had Maddi.

    With my daughter I kept her in her cot until she was nearly two as she was quite happy in there and she never looked to climb out.
  • Riley was about 20 months when we took the sides off his cot. I thought he'd be a nightmare getting out of bed all the time but he wasn't he sleeps better now than before. He rarely gets out of it, only in the mornings when he knocks on the door shouting mama!

    He's only little and couldn't climb out of his cot or anything so there was no real reason to take him out of his cot, only because hubby desperately wanted to put him in a big boy bed! x
  • Jensen wasn't really showing any signs of needing to be in a bed but when he was 17 months i bought a George Pig toddler bed because it was on offer and i was so excited that we set it up and tried it out (leaving the cot in his room just incase) and he was absolutely fine and LOVED it!! x
  • We put Livvy in a bed at 22 months.she is in a prober single bed not a toddler bed.

    She loves it and sleeps so much better in it then her cot and gets excited when it is time to get in it image

    Gem x

  • Ds was 21 months - we had our second baby when he was 23.5 months, so I wanted him in a bed a little while before then so he wouldn't think of the cot as his when she arrived.

    It turned out to be quite a lengthy process, as we decided to turn the spare room into his new bedroom, so had a lot of sorting, de-junking and re-organising loft space to do - not an easy process with a toddler in tow - we started when he was 17 months, when he was still fine in a cot, but by the time his room was ready at 21 months he did seem so ready for it - and has been fine from day 1
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