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Old enough for a fish?

Obviously not yet as LO is only 15 months but I was thinking maybe for his 2nd birthday?

Mummies of older toddlers would they appreciate a fish? going to chose it etc or still too young?


  • Just seen your post on the latest forums image

    I have a 17 month old and two fish that we had before he was born, he loves to sit near their bowl and point to them, saying fish (or something that sounds like fish lol) he's really interested in them!! So I think by the time your LO is two, he will love going to choose his own!! Xxxx
  • Hiya, i'm gate crashing sorry! My son (3 and 3 months) loves fish and always has. We don't have any but we live literally around the corner from a Pets at Home store and we pop in all the time to look at the fish, and we'd be in there for hours if he had his way! The only reason I have not bought any is because I have never had a good trap record with fish! :S xx
  • Sorry, meant to add: Why don't you take LO down to your local pet shop and see how they react? My son wasn't very bothered when we took him to a proper aquarium, so that was a huge waste of money, but with a trip to a pet shop, you can see their reaction without it costing you anything image xx
  • LOL i can just imagine him with a fish!!!

    JJ LOVES our fish, although we have had them since before he was born he gets sooooo excited!! x
  • we got some fish when JJ was about 18 months old - Peppa, George, Manny and Bob hehe!! he loves them, sadly we've now only got Manny and Bob left but he still loves watching them x
  • Hi,

    I think that would be a lovely idea, go for it!

  • We have fish and D loves them. he also sits quietly in front of them, watching them, which is a bonus!
  • We have marine fish that we had before DD. She loves them and watches them on daddy's lap for ages. We also have hermit craps and snails etc.. and she used to point and say what's that lol.

    In the evening the main light goes off and we just have the lovely blue light on and it is very calming to watch image

    Gem x

  • we got 4 when Isaac was 20m and he loved watching them for about 1 week! Then 3 died and we were left with this 1 fish that was just in the way and generally gathering dust!

    FIL bought the fish thinking he was doing us a favour! That's since back fired as his other son left his fish tank and fish with them when he moved out. So out fish moved in with them! Happy all round.

    Except Oz keeps doing his fish sound and looking for the fish in the kitchen :roll:

    However back to the op.......

    He is too young if you want him to look after them himself :lol: but old enough to watch and appreciate them (for a week in my experience). Plus (again in my experience) they don't live as long as hamsters or rabbits!

  • we got 2 fish when ds was 2 and he doesn't give them the time of day now!!! They are becoming quite friendly with me and hubby tho and swim to up to you when you come close (obviously just wanting food!!)

    I have to say I didn't realise how much work they are!! trying to get the bacteria right and stop it going cloudy etc - they're not the easiest of pets - my cats are much less hassle than the fish!!!
  • I think a fish would be fine for a 2-year old. image
  • I thought you meant to eat! I was going to say that He would probably struggle with the bones. :lol:

    Anyway I think he would probably get bored of them quite quickly and fish are a pain in the a**e to look after. It takes hours to change the water and you end up with water everywhere. I hate sucking on the tube to empty the tank, I always get a mouthful of dirty water. On top of that they always seem to get strange diseases on their fins. As for being short-lived I had one fish that lived for 13 years! All the other fish died and this one swam at an angle and was blind in one eye but kept going and going. I'm afraid I had some evil thoughts about that fish. :evil: I've had an awful lot of animals in the past and a tank of fish is never going to enter my house again.

    Sorry if I'm being a spoilsport. I hate fish! Except a nice Rainbow Trout with almonds - yum!

    H xx

    H xx
  • we got dd 2 goldfish for xmas, she is now 15months old and every morning she points at the fish and says "more", meaning its time to feed them! shes not overly bothered by them but its a nice distraction sometimes when shes about to throw a tantrum! :lol:
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