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Will I need a cocoon for newborn in May ?

I bought my double pushchair yesterday, got the Baby Weavers Lynx Tandem which is basically a phil and teds.

The girl was trying to sell me a cocoon too but at ??50 I refused, however now i'm wondering if I need one ?

Peanut is due in May so i'm hoping it'll be warm anyway but what do you think ? I'm sure I could pick one up off ebay for a reasonable price but dont wanna waste money ??


  • I have a P&T Sport, and a June baby - and I used my cocoon a lot. It's not just about warmth, it's like a little carry cot, so it's useful for moving them about in. I always used to put her into the cocoon, then 'post' it into the pushchair - the instructions say to put baby in the lie flat part, then put doubles seat on, but I don't know anyone who does it like this, everyone I know has left the doubles seat on all the time and done it the same way as me. I'd sometimes then take the cocoon out of the pushchair while we were out - say if we were having a picnic I'd put the cocoon on the floor so she could see us, or use it to carry her from the car to where we were going, so she could lie flat and sleep, and it's lighter than the car seat! I think you'd use one - and she wouldn't overheat. I think if you didn't have one, you'd need to pad the lie flat part with maybe blankets, which I think would make baby warmer than using the cocoon - and you can unzip the front/top and fold it down (tuck it under the doubles seat at the front) to let a bit more air in.

    Also works as a mini travel cot too when baby is tiny!

    I'd definitely scour ebay - but I think you'd use it, I used mine loads til she was about 4 months (then outgrew it!)
  • I do think you'd have to pad it out with blankets for the comfort... which may make it warmer?

    I too have a P&Ts, so for me, the cocoon had to be bought as ds2 was due middle of September.

    But on our cocoon, it can be unzipped all the way down the top/front... so if its a warm day, you can fold it back.

    Maybe look if Ebay have any offers because ??50 is a lot considering you might not use it much? xx
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