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Travelling to America with a 22 month old

Hi my oh and I are going to America in June with our daughter who will be 22 months by then. Wr are staying with friends who don't have children.

What do we do about a carseat as they will be picking us up from the airport and can we take a travel cot? We have an old stroller that we will be taking also.

Also if anyone has any handy tips for how to get through the flight they would appreciated.What we should and shouldn't bring etc.



  • Hey, I haven't done it yet but we are travelling in April to America and my LO will be 15 months.

    I did used to live there though so I could give you an idea where to buy things from!

    We are planning to hire a car so we will ask for one with a car seat, maybe your friends know someone who has a seat they could borrow to collect you. They will need one though it is compulsary like here.

    Unless you have a large luggage allowance you won't be able to take a travel cot, you will have to again see if you're friends can borrow one or get one second hand for your visit. Craigs list is a good place to find local preloved items.

    For the flight it depends if you are travelling over night or though the day. Over night should be easier, then wear her out as much as possible before boarding, don't take the preboarding when they ask people with children to board first as she will get restless waiting for everyone else to get on the plane and settled, for transatlantic flights they are big planes with a lot of passengers. Best thing would be for you or OH to go on first with the bags and then other one stay until last with your daughter so she can run around for as long as possible. Just explain and check with the staff that this is OK.

    Some advise for during the flight would be to have her toys on links or straps attached to the seatbelt so you're not constantly bending down to pick up dropped toys. Have a variety of toys that keep her interest for a long time but that don't annoy other passengers. Have several changes of clothes - also one or two for yourself, I was on a flight to the USA once where a toddler was sick several times and both the mother and child ran out of clean clothes, it was a smelly trip! Be sure to keep her hydrated, have a very small change bag with the basics for a nappy change that you can take with you to the toilet as there is not space for a large change bag! Take twice as many nappies as you think you will need!

    Sorry I could ramble on forever, Hope that helps a bit!

    L x
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