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getting up for nursery/mursery question

my son is 2 on sunday and still is a little monkey sleep wise. his waking time is erratic. im worried that if i pay for nursery and he is simply to tirted some days what do i do? i have tried no naps,later/earlier naps/bedtime ect and it hasnt helped. do i just take him and hope for the best, as its 9-12 2x a week.

also they told me they take the children out,local stuff onb bus,woods,park ect. i was under impression they stay there, for some reason i feel a little uncomfortable with this,what if he ran off? they have other kids to watch? i dont want to insult the girls as they seem lovely, but i am the only one ever to look after my son for 2 yrs! so maybe im being silly


  • if they practice the same policy to where i work then outings will be 2 children to 1 adult and if there is any doubt they wont hold hands then we use either reins or wrist straps or put children in prams. our pre 3 unit go out all the time for walks to the park , shops, etc the children love it.

    re his sleeping you may find after a morning at nursery he will be really tired and it may inturn help his sleep patterns. also if he has gone to nursery tired , let them know and they can support him eg, wee rest in pram if he needs it.

    its only natural to be nervous leaving your lo for the first time but i am sure it will be okay and you will soon learn to enjoy a bit of "free" time. i was off work yesterday but still put hayden in nursery, was fantastic, i got to hoover , clean tidy etc without him trying to

    "help" and got so much done. and as i dont normally get to pick him up (usually at work and his aunt picks him up)it was lovely when he ran over to me with a big smile saying Your back mummy!

    hope your lo enjoys their time too, love fi
  • thankyou for your reply, i guess i just have a problem letting go abit, i have always looked after my lil man since he was born and i had terrible dream last night about them ringing me and saying they lost him! it was awful.
  • you can refuse to let them take him...we had to sign a form to say we were ok with J going out for walks etc

    if J doesn't sleep well or is tired we let them know and he just gets on with it lol they are very adaptable at this age x
  • mine isnt! when he is tired he basically goes into melt down!
  • You may find he'll go into meltdown at home but not at nursery, they'll be so much to keep him entertained.

    Charlotte goes whether she's slept well or not (no choice I work) but even if she is a mardy little so and so here before hand when I pick her up in the evening I always get told how happy she has been !!
  • I agree. I think nursery will really help your little man. James goes twice a week, unless he's ill. He always plays well and has fun, no matter how well he's slept etc. I think it's a good thing, to get into the habit of getting up for school! :lol: Obviously a long way off.

    I also think it's good to have the time to yourself. Whether it to be to relax, or get the housework done etc.

    As for going out and about, I would think they are pretty experienced, and would have the precautions in place as written fiandrup. xx
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