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Baby bump after (emergency!) appendix op

Hey Ladies,

Not been on here for a few days after an emergency op to remove my appendix last Monday image( But am now confined to the sofa and having everything done for me - feels quite strange not to be running around at 90mph!!

But anyway, my question is more for those ladies who have gone on to have a baby following abdominal surgery; I got away with a laporoscopic (i.e. keyhole) op, so have only got three little lines where they went in. However, all are on my belly which will be considerably stretched with the next planned preg. We are hoping to TTC in the late summer and so would (hopefully!) have an expanding belly towards the end of the year... would the scars be OK? Not pop open on me or anything equally gruesome??? And does anyone have any tips on keeping them soft and supple?


S x


  • i had my appendix out in 2006 and a laporoscopy at the same time (as they didnt know what was wrong) .. 3 years later i was pregnant and i didnt even think about the scar tbh! it was hidden by stretchmarks too! :lol: your skin would have completely healed by then i expect so i wouldnt worry about bursting open at the seams! image

    in the mean time, make the most of having everything done for you! image i remember recovering.. its pretty painful!!
  • They normally advise to allow scar tissue to heal between 6 months to a year, I wouold leave it 6 months and if you are happy with how they have healed then I would go ahead image
  • i had a csec with ds, which obviously is major abdominal surgery, i was advised by docs and mws to wait 1yr minimum (although i know some are told 6 ????onths) before having another baby...i got my bfp almost exactly 12months after my cs and had no prbs with it during pregnancy. i've had another cs with dd and again was told to wait 1yr+...i would think as ur planning late summer summer, that would be a good 8months post op and that should be fine (after all a cs is actually an incision on the uterus too!) like someone else said, keep an eye on it and if u feel it ahs healedwell then go ahead, o r speak to ur gp for further advice....but tbh i think u'll be fine ttc in 6months+ xx
  • I had emergency App and Lap in the August - turns out it wasnt Appendix and was a burst cyst on my ovary. I was advised to start trying for a baby immediately. The cyst had caused pelvic inflammatory disease and they found I had polysistic ovaries. No mention of waiting for scars to heal. I fell 6 months later and scars were fine. xxx
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