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moving/starting nursery

my son is due to go to an induction to nursery tomorrow! BUT we have decided we are going to move and it will be within a year! my son is 2, is it worth starting him at nursery? should i juts wait till we move? my concern is him settling in then we move and i have to find another nursery/waiting list before he even starts and start al over again! what do you think?


  • any opnions here would be great, really unsure what to do!
  • I would still send him it'll be good to get him used to a new environment and it could still be several months before you move.

    The interaction will still do him good.
  • thanks for your reply, he seemed to enjoy it.the only thing is outings as thet take all kids out and im scared he will run off
  • I would still take him if its going to be a year it will do him good - re outings look at their policy ,for a 2 year old he should have a hand to hold and possibly a wrist strap , you should also have the option of him not going we have a couple of children in our setting not allowed. hope that helps xxx
  • i dont want him to miss out as he loves going outside! and she said they always hold his hand, but i guess i was concerned as he always fights this and hates his hand held!
  • I would still send him because you are not sure of when you are moving yet. It will do him good to mix with others.
  • well he went yesterday and seemed fine.
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