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Glue ear

Hiya, my sons was 3 in december. He has been diagnosed with glue ear. The audiologist wants me to decide whether I should allow grommits to be put in. Has anyone else had this with there children, any advice image x


  • Hi I am 28 and was born with this......I am sure things have changed since I was little. I was older when diagnosed (aged 5) and had very poor hearing. My parents decided to give me grommits and I am glad they did. They disolve and painless to put in. I do remember not being able to swim as I couldnt go under water.

    What would your reasons not to have it done?
  • The audiologist said it does usually clear up by itself and they dont like putting a child under a general unnesesarily. However they said it was my desision so iv decided that if it hasnt improved in feb when he goes for his review i will say I want it done. Hes having speech therapy at nursery and outside also so its obviously affecting his development. Bless him, the specialist said its like he's got a bucket over his head and sounds are all muffled. x
  • thankyou, his appointment is on the 25th feb so fingers crossed its improved....which I doubt it has as he seems less able to hear me properly! x
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