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Recommendations please - wedding/christening outfits.

SIL is getting married at the end of April, it'll be relatively informal but I'm looking for something nice for ds to wear - probably shirt, waistcoat and trousers, rather than a jacket - and possibly something I can buy separately rather than as a suit as he takes a bigger size top than trousers. I've tried what I think are the usual suspects - Next, Debenhams, M&S, BHS - with no luck so far! He wore a lovely grey shorts, waistcoat and shirt set from Next for my sister's wedding 18 months ago and I would love something similar (but with trousers).

Can anyone recommend anywhere they've bought wedding/christening outfits from?

I'm also looking for something for dd, who will be ten months - my first thought was monsoon but I can't see anything I like on the website - typically, there are always things I like in there when we've no occasion for them!

Thanks ladies.


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