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car to fit 3 car seats?

We are planning to ttc no3 next year, however we know we need a new car this year. We want to be prepared and get a car that we can keep for a few years.

Basically do you have any recommendations of cars that fit 3 childseats? Hubby really does not want a people carrier, so it would be an estate or something similar that 3 child seats will fit safely across the back seat.




  • My mum has a Vauxhall Zafira. It has 2 seats in the back that fold down right out of the way. We used the car to go to France last year and they seat a small adult, child or car seat no problem. You could use one seat for a child seat and still have the other one folded down so that there is still room for buggies etc.

    H xx
  • Hi, we managed 3 along the back seat of a ford focus c-max (bench style back seat) - but it was tricky and we had our older boys in stage 3 car seats not stage 2. We had to do a lot of research into which types of seats would fit. Lots of trips to halfords! We came to the general conclusion that 3 children = people carrier I'm afraid!

    Will your older 2 be old enough/tall enough for a stage 3 car seat when your no.3 is born? The way we managed it was with two Britax Hi-Liners ( narrowest stage 3 seat we could find, but still v safe according to Which? mag) and a baby seat in the middle (on a booster, so we could just clip it in and out). It was a massive squeeze though! And at least one of your older children needs to be left on the pavement while you put baby seat in!

    You will really struggle to get 2 stage 2 car seats and a baby seat along the back seat of a normal car - we always found a stage 2 seat takes up almost half a normal. If I were you I would look for something with 3 completely separate seats in the back rather than 1 long bench seat - because then things like 'buckle crunch' won't be an issue.

    And I wouldn't have a child permanently in seats 6 or 7 (ie pop up boot seats) of a people carrier either - there are safety issues if someone runs into the back of your car. Ok for emergency/giving lifts/holiday etc but I wouldn't seat my child there as a permanent thing.
  • Hiya,

    We used to have a Saab 95 estate and that fit 3 seats in the back when I was looking after my Godson as well as my two. I had the big stage 1-2-3 car seats at either side and DS' high back booster in the middle. Not sure how old your children are but imagine it would be less of a squeeze with just a normal (non backed) booster in the middle!!

    Nice big boot too.

  • Bain of my life this topic....

    We had twins dec 2009 so needed a car big enough to fit 2x maxi-cosi +basis and 1 x a stage 3 car seat (4yrs plus).

    You don't have to go for a people carrier as such but it does depend on how much skin you'd like to have on your hands whilst trying to buckly kids in :lol:

    We like your husband didn't want a people carrier, but something a little "hard" so went for a honda-CRV this meant a larger boot and bench back seat to fit car seats. However it is still tight.

    However after chatting to another mum when changing our 2nd car she recommended the picasso as it had 3 individual seats in the back which meant 3 isofix points, more leg room, and a big boot too.

    Its not the most stylish car but its pratical and u really need to way this up with a family.

    Another option is a pegeut 306, my mum bought this when we found out about the twins and it again fits 3 car seats comfortable along the back.

    SOrrry for the ramble, hope it makes sense! x
  • Thanks guys!

    Sorry ds1 is 3 and 2m, already on a stage 3 carseat. ds2 is 15m and in stage 2 carseat,but potentially will also be in stage 3 by the time we have no3! We have the maxi cosi Rodi.

  • I know you said no people carriers but I traded up from a tiny 206 to a 7 seat Zafira last week & it has bloody saved my life (and my back).

    Although it's big it dosn't feel like i'm driving a bus.

    I love it & Lily loves wafting her arms & legs about with all the space she has now!
  • Ive had 3 seats in my skoda octavia when looking after 2 nephews. I had a maxi cosi with base, a stage 2 and a high backed booster. I had to do middle seat belt before putting baby seat onto base but wasnt too bad.
  • Hi I know you said no people carrier but not sure if it counts??? the old xsara picasso ( as opposed to the C4 picasso) has three adult seats in the rear. I think think it would take three individual seats regardless of size.

    Its not as big as the 7 seaters and is a very comfortable family car xx
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