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Camping with baby and toddler

Has anyone done this? What do I need?

I'm going camping for the May bank holiday weekend and doing a 7 mile charity walk as part of it. Charlie will be 7.5 months and Abby 2.5 years. Do they need special sleeping bags, cots etc?

H xx


  • Hi, we've done this a few times now - when our youngest was 1yr old we had her in a travel cot and I would def recommend this as they are safe and contained!

    We had our older 2 in ready beds and they were fine - just take plenty of extra blankets as it can get mighty cold at night camping, even in summer.

    Well done on the charity walk - hope it goes well for you x
  • My husband has been trying to convince me that "we" would like to go camping. I'm pretty sure he would like it but not me so much!

    Ready beds are a good idea for lo. Did you take an air mattress for adults too ? That makes it seem a litte more civilised but I'm still not convinced. x
  • Hi, yes we took a double blow up bed for us as well - I wouldn't go otherwise lol! Dh got a chargeable automatic pump as well so we don't have to spend hours foot-pumping up the beds either! Would thoroughly recommend!! Although obviously I miss out on my thigh-trimming exercise now!
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