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is this unusual/nursery procedures?

at my son's nursery they do outings to shops,park ect. they all go, 16 kids to four adults. does this seem safe? i expressed to her that it seemed alot of kids to watch when out, escpecially some that are 2 yrs old, they age is from 2-5 year olds. she said they always hold 2 years old by both hands. an adult takes the lead with the first two, one adult at the rear and 2 adults in the middle keeping everyone in line. does this sound ok? they have a policy on what happen in event of a child going missing, this cared the crap out of me! but then said they have 100% safety record. i can object to him going out of course but i think it may mean changing nursery, as as i say they all go togther. am i overworrying here?


  • im pretty sure the ratio is 4 kids to 1 adult so thats about right. is it a private nursary or a school one as if a school one sometimes classroom assistants or parent helpers go to.
  • its private, they have assistants included.
  • Sounds fine to me. If it was 16 2 year olds I would be worried but the older kids will be much more sensible and responsible and your son can be watched carefully. From 4/5 years many schools have walking-to-school-crocodiles where 20 kids walk to school together supervised by 2 or 3 adults. It sounds like an excellent opportunity for him to learn about walking on the pavement sensibly and road sense. Toddlers learn best from other toddlers/small children.

    The safety policies are essential for any nursery/school - it doesn't mean it is an unsafe outing. I have to do a "coach safety" policy for school trips - it includes major crashes, children climbing out of the fire door or windows, choking, etc etc. I don't actually expect any of it to happen.

    I hope that's a bit reassuring.

    H xx
  • yes you have both been helpful and reassuring,thankyou.
  • Hello im a nursery nurse

    the ratios are usually :

    Under 2 years 1 adult to 3 children

    over 2 years 1 adult to 4 children

    however i would never take under 3's out without an adult to hold hands e.g if you had 6 under 3s and 6 over i would have 3 staff for the under threes and 2 for the over 3's

  • Ofsted have very strict requirements for the supervision/safeguarding of children so please don't worry about the nursery having a Lost Child policy. I would be more worried if they didn't have these procedures in place.

    If you are still worried, have a look at their policies. Ask about first aid when out and about, what information they take with them, risk assessments undertaken etc.

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