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will this go away? nursery anxiety

my son is at nursery 9-12 and im counting the time to pick him up,m i feel sick! please tell me it gets better????


  • Hi Kel ,

    It gets better!!

    Seriously it does. DS gos once a week for a full day and every morning I drop him in he crys. Makes me feel awful BUT then I go hang his coat up outside. By the time I walk back down the corridor and past the room and peek in through the door , taking care he doesnt see me, he is always playing happily, and I am long but forgotton!

    I used to hate dropping him he and like you count the hours, but as soon as I realised he was playing up for me I relaxed a lot and felt so much better.

    It is so hard I know especially the first month or sop but try and do something to enjoy your time to yourself. Take a bath and relax or read a book or something for you xx
  • Yes it does. The first few times I took Livvy I was ringing up to see how she was image.

    She loves it and it hard to get her to come away at times. She goes 9-3:30pm and I get to do all my house work and jobs done and have a bit of me time and the day really does go quick.

    She does so much there and as I am pregnant( you too image ) it is a little break for me and I know she will be busy and learning new things and having fun image

    Gem x

  • i have just been sitting here,watching this morning and drinking tea! i guess i be better when baby comes in may as be busy! hopfully better by then as 4 months away! i am a clingy mum!!! id id get the impression the manager was trying to get rid of me this morning when i dropped him off, i stayed 5 mins watched him settle in then left. i no shes trying todo her job and she did say it could make it worse if i stay as them he may look for me expecting me to be there, but it feels detached to just pop him down and go especially as he was crying for few mins, this was due to me telling him he couldn't bite the paper scissors!
  • i picked him up and he was fine! he had great time! got upset when saw me until she handed over to me! bless him.
  • Glad everything was ok!

    tbh they did that with me... trying to get rid of me as the longer I stay the longer it take s him to settle.

    Try and enjoy your 'you' time as you wont have any come may xx
  • My mums a childminder & she always says it is way worse when the parents hang about, it takes ages to calm them down.

    She even had a dad who used to pop in during the day if he was passing, she had to tell him to stop cos this really upset the apple cart.

    I have seen first hand how they cry & tantrum then as soon as the door shuts they are happy as larry.

    I can now see how hard it is for mums though now i'm one myself.
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