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Hi everyone

I'm really confused so I hope somebody can help me! My son goes to a Day nursery 2 days a week as I work. When he is 2 and 9 months he is entitled to 15 hours free nursery/play school/pre school. Does anyone know how this works? Will my day nursey reduce my monthly bill? Will they offer me more hours? Or do I need to think about putting him in another nursery for the 15 hours? And somebody please tell me what the difference is between nursery, pre school and play school because as far as I am concerned they are all the same. Just have different names.

Thanks in advance for any info.




  • Hi there, are you in uk? if so the government funding for 15hours free childcare starts the term after they are 3years, not 2years 9months?? So my ds was 3 on September 28th and his free fundin started on 5th January. The 15hours free is also only available during term times so you still have to pay for half terms /summer hols etc

    Your child can stay at the nursery and they should give you some paperwork to sign for it. If he goes for more than 15hours then you will just recieve an invoice for the balance or if he goes for less than 15hours a week then the rest can be accrued and used during a school holiday.

    with regard to differences, nurserys are usually from babies to when they start school. pre schools usually take them from3 years and are often attached to a primary / first school. Play school are usually the same as pre schools.

    Hope thats made things a little clearer for you x
  • Thanks very much for your reply. It has been very helpful
  • Just to add some pre schools will take children earlier than 3 years- my daughter is not 3 until July and started pre school last week. It is attached to the school she will eventually go to. From September we will get her free 15 hours and in January next year she will split those 15 hours having some mornings at pre school and then afternoons at school to prepare her for the move to Reception class next September 2012.x
  • Can I just ask do you get 15 free hours at any nursery / playschool etc or a certain amount toward it or are the 15 hours only at certain playschools? If so how do you find out which ones? Sorry if this is obvious!
  • Every child over 3 years of age gets 15 hours free "Early years education" the term after their 3rd Birthday.
  • you can put your child in for as many hours as you want and then you get the first 15 free and just pay for the extra

    If you don't have lo's name down for a pre school yet it might be advisable to do so soon as in my area there isn't enough places available. even tho every child is entitled to it there aren't enough nursery places in the borough for every child to get it and I know ds pre school has a big waiting list

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