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Confused about cow's milk (also in baby)

Hi, even though LO is only 8 months i've been thinking about when she stops taking formula at around 12 months.

How the hell do I know how much normal milk to give her?

Should it be warmed?

Is semi-skimmed o.k or do I have to go full-fat?

She is on 18oz of formula a day at moment and has been for yonks, will this reduce even more.

All the baby books only seem to tell you about milk intake till about 6 months.

I find it all rather baffling.



  • Personally I switched his day-time drinks to cows milk first, just offering it with snacks, as he never took much, only one or two ounces here of there. We started this at 10 months.

    Just before 12 months, I swapped the morning feed to cows milk. I offered exactly the same amount of cows milk, as I had been doing of formula (7oz) and he took it no problem. He'd always had formula at room temperature before and I found that warming in the microwave for 30 seconds did the trick.

    Once the morning was established, about 3 weeks later, I swapped the night bottle. Again offering the same amount as I had been formula (8oz) and warmed it in the same way.

    My DS had also had cows milk in cereal, sauces, etc. from about 7 months old so was quite familiar with the taste.

    The milk should definitely be full fat milk and not semi-skimmed, which I think they shouldn't have until they're aged 3. They need a diet that is high in fat (good fats obviously) which is why it should be full fat.

    It's hard to tell if your LO will reduce her milk intake, every baby is different. My DS took 32oz or more before weaning and we dropped to about 15oz within a few months of introducing food, which is where we are still now, at 13 months old.

    Hope I've helped somewhat xx
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