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Biting!! How do I stop it!

Hi girls.

Just a bit of advice needed. I have 16 months old twin boys.

Max has started biting Ben! He has left teeth marks in his fingers and he has even attempted biting me.

I have told him it is naughty but he laughs at me! I have tapped his hand and said no, but I hate doing this.

I dont know what to do to control this. My mum says bite back, but I feel awful doing that!

Anyone had any experience of this and solved it!!??



xx :?


  • My daughter went through this it seemed to pass as quickly as it started. I was advised by a family member to bite back but i don't see the logic as then your doing something to them that your telling them is wrong?!

    I would keep telling him off, and if he persists maybe take something off him that he enjoys or try the naughty step??

    I don't actually remember now what i did do with my daughter, but i do know its a pretty common thing for them to pick up.

    Good Luck

  • My ds,19 months went through a phase of this a couple of months ago.

    I personally think it was to do with him teething,but we did tell him it wasn't nice and removed him from the situation he was in at the time,but like your lo he just smiled and laughed!!

    In time he has stopped biting thankfully,so i would carry on with what you're doing.Good luck.x
  • hi ds went through this phase, twice. first time (15m) was just random, he just started biting for no reason, would tell him no and leave it at that...soon passed...the second time we had just moved house (20m) so think he was just acting up, but again would just say a simple firm no, and not pay too much attention for it...only lasted a day or two...if it had carried on would've gone to time out/naughty spot etc...definately wouldn't do the biting back, especially as u have twins, if ur other lo saw u do that then i think u'd just get a vicious circle of max biting ben, ben bite back, then max bite back etc etc...i think with biting/hitting etc it's best to try not to give a rise to it, as it's generally done in order to get a reaction. hth x
  • thanks girls.

    bit of a result today. the boys were playing with toys, ben took something off max, max went to bite, i said no and said naughty, then took toy away from them both. i did this the few times it happened today and it seems to have worked!! fingers crossed!! will see what happens and just keep repeating.

  • I wish there was a like button!! xx
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