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Won't even try his dinner - driving me mad!!

I know I've posted before about theo's fussy eating but I'm getting really frustrated that he won't even try stuff. I've just made him pasta with cheese sauce, tuna & spinach. All stuff he eats, he's just not had it together like that before. So he completely refused to try it. Last week he refused to try risotto I made ( he ate it when I made it in December), refused to try beef stew with mashed potato because he doesn't normally have it with beef. I know he is off colour as he has slapped cheek disease but tbh he seems fine in himself and would happily eat cheese, crackers, biscuits, crisps, etc if given the chance to have that for dinner instead so I think he's just being a monkey plus he's very often like this when he's perfectly well. Please give me some tips to get him to even try it. When he was crying for cheese I just said no it's all gone (not true) and you have to eat your pasta. He had a full on tantrum and tried to climb out his high chair. So I got him down and now he keeps going to the kitchen pointing at various things, fridge, bread bin etc so I know he's hungry. I just tell him if he's hungry he has pasta he can eat but he's crying instead. He gets over his paddy quickly but I can't get him to try his food. I'm staying very calm but it's doing my head in!!!

Please please help!!!!


  • I think we have the same child!

    My monkey is exactly the same and refuses anything new these days and many things he has eaten happily before. In fact he is particularly bad at the moment and will only eat cheese, ham, bread, fruit or any nice snack. He had pizza tonight and wouldn't eat it as it wasn't any of the above! He will then demand his favourites as he is hungry! :roll: Last week he refused chicken wraps, pesto pasta and enchiladas, any main meal offered basically!

    I'm really trying to crack down it at the mo. So I am refusing to give him anything else and will just offer a banana instead. Today he refused his lunch of tuna mayo sandwiches and refused his fruit, he wanted bread on its own. So I took him down from the table and left his plate near his toys so he could eat if he wanted to. After his nap he did pick up and eat two small squares of sandwich! But I couldn't leave food out like that if he was eating a messy meal!

    The worse thing is when they won't even try the food, which my little man is like a lot! Especially when it's something that involves their favourites and I know he'll like it! I think he is suspicious when he gets meals with lots of different things mixed together but he can't live on a few select finger foods.

    I'm not sure there are any magic answers, I wish there were. But I feel your pain! DH and I are not fussy about food in the slightest and have always offered ds a wide range of different foods. I never thought I would have quite such a fussy eater! Just hoping he'll grow out of it!
  • Olivia is exactly the same!! Its making me so worried.

    She would eat pretty much everything I gave her until xmas but since then she has simply refused to eat. She has a fairly decent breakfast and lunch (toast, cereal, fruit, sandwiches etc) but when it comes to teatime she is awful! Last night she ate 4 alphabet potato bite things. Its all I can get her to eat! She wont eat any of the food I used to cook her (pretty much what we had so anything from roasts to spag bol) but now its frozen rubbish or nothin! I dont mind her having it occasionally but its got to the point where I cant be bothered to make her food if she is going to waste it!

    I have bought some vegetable fingers as they look like fish fingers and she did have a bite of one last night but she cant survive on just 4 pieces of potato bites and a bite of veggie finger! Im at my wits end!

    I am hoping it is just a phase! Please someone confirm it probably is.....!!
  • Hate to say it, but mine is the same.

    He's been like this for a while. He's 27months now and has been like this for past 3 months.

    Will happily eat breakfast and lunch and gets a lot of variety at each meal. But dinner is a different story. I'm of the mind where I want him to eat what we're eating. but he refuses to try spaghetti bolognaise or stir fry. But I keep trying.

    We've tried really praising him when he even puts it near his mouth. Or refusing any kind of dessert etc. But nothing seems to work.

    I'm possibly not as consistent as I need to be. If I think he's still hungry I often give in and give him a banana an hour later so he's not going to bed hungry.

    All i can say is, your're not alone. And hopefully "this too will pass" (that's been my mantra for every phase we've gone through) S x
  • Well after not giving in last night even though he was obviously hungry he did eat some pasta - although not much! Still it was a breakthrough and he didn't turn his nose up at what he did eat so I think he didn't dislike it!! I think I just need to be stricter and more consistent as I often give in after a while and give him some cheese and crackers or something.

    Thanks for your replies. Im sorry you're all having the same problems though!

    Ps bliss I think we do have nearly the same child - Theo had a tuna sandwich and pear for lunch yesterday but only ate the tuna (picked out from the middle!) and pear!
  • i have just posted a topic like this too. i guess the thing to remember is they wont starve! i let my lil man have 500ml of aptamil growing up milk a day as then i no at least he geeting something as back up, its weird how they do this, yet so many of them do?! at least we no its nothing us mums are doing!
  • regarding the waste issue, whic h i do get! i would make him what your having then offer , if he doesnty eat have it for your tea! maybe a bit extra of course
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