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toddler fussiness-what would you do ladies?

my son has decided for last few weeks now, he wont eat dinners, despite making favs ect. so this week i have given up offering them and letting him have sandwhich or suchlike. the only thing he will let me feed him is a yoghurt, he wont feed himslef with spoon or let me at other than that.

my concern is that as he only eats selected finger foods, this now limits his diet as he doesnt like mucky handss!

i have been basically putting dinners into a sandwich to disguse veg,ect.

should i keep offering dinner every night anyway, trying to feed him ect. or should i just let hjim have finge foods at tea time and hope he expands his taste.

example of today

breakfast-cherrios/7 0z milk

lunch-2 rice cakes,hummous,apricots/raisins


dinner- yoghurt.fruit tube/apple

sandwhich-cheese,sausage and peas!


  • what about giving the hot meal and lunch time and having what you would have given at lunch for the evening meal? This seems to have worked for us!
  • yeah i tried this the other day and no joy, may try again though
  • sorry can I just clarify something, Is he not eating cooked meals or will he not eat with being fed by you? but he will eat finger foods on his own??

    How old is he?

    Have you tried him with knife, fork, spoon?? maybe he wants to be more independent and feed himself?? it will be messy to start but they soon get the hang of it.

    my ds was competent with cutlery between 18 and 20months but started using it about a year old

  • both, hwe wont be fed by me, eat cooked meals fed by me or using a spoon himself, althoug he hasnt quite masterted it yet himself. he seems uninterested in sitting in booster seat. so i end up getting him out and giving him finger foods.

    he wont eat much cooked finger foods,so its not like i can cook him dinner and just let hom eat it with hands, as he wont.

    i dont like to push eating at set times as i dont think its natural, but i do wish he would seat for eating in chair and not refuse everything. i guess i do believe if he was hungry he would eat. and of course by him not eating in cahir i can never really teach him cutlery,so its frustrating.
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