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Big bed and naps


My ds is almost 21 months, we took the sides off his cotbed last week. Bedtimes are going well, but he will not nap in there during the day image He really needs a sleep (and me to, almost 40 weeks pregnant!) in the afternoon. He just won't stay in the bed long enough to fall asleep. It get's to about 1pm and then he's in an awful mood all the way to bedtime. I know it's only been a week but the sooner I get this nailed the better!!

Anyone have any advice? Thanks!xx


  • I just keep going back in and putting ds back into bed. Yesterday it only took 3 trips but sometimes it can take a lot longer. However, he is slowly getting the idea that

    bed = nap.

    Difficult when you are 40 weeks pregnant though!

  • Thanks for the reply image I've tried putting him back, but before I've even got to the foot of the bed he's up out and run in front of the door to stop me leaving the room.

    Just spoke to HV, she said to sit by his bed, but he just gets out and sits beside me. I've had to leave the room before I lose my head. I can hear him wrecking the place and moaning because he's so tired.

    I suppose we should have done this earlier!!
  • I literally run out and gently close the door.I then stand there and wait for him to come to the door. I then go back in and repeat the exercise. It really can go on and on and just when I think I am going to lose my marbles he stays put, has a little whinge and falls asleep.

    I guess he thinks that going to sleep is easier than keep getting put back into bed! :lol:

    I only sit by his bed at night. During the day I always leave the room.

    Keep going. It just takes persistence.

  • We had the same issue with DS1 when we moved him into a bed. Returning him to bed didn't work as he decided that it was a game & would just get himself overexcited.

    In the end we decided to take him to bed, explain to him that it was 'quiet time' & that Mummy/Daddy would come to get him when it was time to get up, then let him get on with it.

    We had a few days where his clothes were all over the room but he would soon give in & go to sleep although mostly on the floor rather than his bed!. After a few days he started going to sleep much more easily.
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