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Hi Leah will be 2 in march but she has turned into a right(sorry no other word for it) brat! everything you suggest or say is answered with a NO, she is a brill eater although becoming more fussy,but now she always throws tantrums in public lol but she throws herself on the floor rolls around shouting no no NO even if im trying to stop her from hurting herself and she always does this when im dropping Lexie off or picking her up from pre school i always end up carrying her out screaming its driving me mad, i have no idea where im going wrong,she doesnt go to nursery yet but im looking into a few afternoons a week hoping this will improve her behaviour.At bedtime she just shouts no shush stop it as i read the girls a story chucks everything out of her cot trys to climb out she does need moving to a bed but putting it off at the moment because of her behaviour(sp). its just become more difficult as shes getting worse and oh works away so i have to deal with it all the time im fed up, the naughty step doesnt work, a smack doesnt work , shouting doesnt work, if you say you are throwing toys away if all shes done is chuck them it doesnt work any ideas please?!


  • huge hugs to begin with.

    my daughter has major melt downs at times (due to a mental health problem, i know its a different but thought i might be able to help)

    dd1 has to stand at the bottom of the stairs if she so much as utters the word no to us (sounds harse but we have to have strict rules for her for her own good)

    do you have any routine or is every day a bit different?

    we have a set bedtime and set routine for bedtime. ours consits of lizzie going to bed first then dd1 has her cereals, then brushes her teeth and washes her face then into her room where she has a lamp on (her behaviour is so different with having a bedside lamp on whilst falling asleep) and she gets into bed and choses if she is going to have a book read to her,or sit in bed and do her leap-pad thingy. then there is no calling down and she must go to sleep, i will go up once if she calls but that is it- i admit the first week of doing it is really hard but it gets easier, smae with standing her at bottom of stairs.

    it must be very hard on your own and i think your doing an amazing job.

    as i say we found routine is key for us but i also say i dont know about children who dont live to strict routnine as dd1's life revolevs around it (she is awiting results for aspergers).

    hope things imrpove for you. i do think a toddler bed may help you as you could try the "you have to be a big girl now you have a big gils bed" x
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