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eating meals!!!!! for now....

well i thought i would try leaving a longer gap from lunch or giving a smaller lunch, and it seems to of worked. i gave him dinner last night and night before and he ate it! i waited till he told me he was hungry or it had been a good while longer than normal! maybe i cracked it or he just being funny again and will cahnge his mind tomorrow! who knows.


  • That's good news. I found it hard leaving food a little longer or not giving snacks as I felt I was starving my lo but somethings it works for me and sometimes I give in and give snacks and then she doesn't eat her dinner.

    do you give your lo any snacks?
  • yes, i belive in little and often and eating when hungry not at set times, that said i have dinner cooked and ready in morning and wheni think he is hungry, i heat it up!
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