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What age did you LO move to a BIG bed?

Hi ladies,

I am sure this has been discussed loads before but I was wondering at what age you put your LO in a bed rather than cot and when you did if you used the side things that clip onto the bed or were they OK without it?

LO is 17 months and I was thinking of trying to get her into a bed at about 2. My sister's LOs were relatively late (in my opinion) at going into a bed at 3 - but my opinion may well be very wrong.

What are your experiences?

Many thanks



  • we moved dd1 at 15 months but dont think we will be moving lizzie til at least 2!`
  • Ive been thinking about this latley as my DS has just recently been bought a new duvet set and a pillow and it just feels a bit strange having all that in a cot. Hes not a climber either and Im beginning to wonder if he would sleep better in a bed. He does whack himself off of the bars sometimes though so Im not sure yet..maybe at 18M Id try it..hes only 14M just now. He has just started walking though so it may be a bit earlier that I move it. Id also put a stairgate at the top of the stairs though because Id be so paranoid I'd go into his room at night to see him and forget to shut the door right over!

    The other thing would be his ability to climb out of bed and play with his toys in his room...brilliant at weekends!!!!!
  • DS turned 2 a few weeks ago and is still in his cotbed. He will move to a bed when we decorate his room in a month or so. He sleeps very well in his cotbed and can't climb out as he is still in his sleeping bag at nights! We think it'll be the right time to change him as our second baby will arrive in May so hopefully he will be all settled into his bed by then! We are planning on using a guard, if we didn't he would definitely be up and down out of his bed as he is too much or an explorer!

    I don't think there's any right time, it depends when you think is best for your LO. DS has been happy in his cotbed so we didn't see any need to change him til now. x
  • I moved my dd into a double bed when she was 15 months and it was great for her. She slept far better than she did in a cot. I put a bed guard on each side to stop her falling out and it worked. She wasn't a climber so I knew she would be fine. When she wanted out she just called for us to come in for her.
  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you - that has all really helped.

    K is not a climber and does sleep well (most of the time) - she is in a sleeping bag still so I think I may leave her a little while longer and perhaps do as I first thought and see what she is doing when she turns 2 in the summer.

    Thanks again - much appreciated

  • we moved out LO into a toddler bed this week at 13 months, he hasnt fallen out or got out after the first novelty night of being able to, we havent had the need for a side panel as the beds only a few inches high and we put cushions down at night incase he does happen to roll out
  • we moved Evie at around 18 months, the only reason i moved her is that i am pregnant with no 2 so i wanted evie to get her used to a big bed way before baby arrived.

    she is now 2 and baby is due in 9 weeks, have just ordered evie a single bed so i can move her out of the cotbed, before baby arrives so she doesnt get upset that baby has stolen her bed!

    if i hadnt of been expecting i probably wouldnt of moved her so soon tbh as she gets out in the middle of the night and comes into our bed zzzzzzzz!

  • We've just moved our DS, aged 27 months from his nursery into a new bedroom, for the first couple of nights we've had him sleeping in his cot, but possibly tonight or tomorrow we'll let him sleep in the bed.

    I'm 11 weeks preg with number two so we've made the move early enough for him to not associate it with the new baby but I suppose its relatively late for him - he wasnt interested in climbing out and also a good sleeper so didnt see the reason to move him before.

    Am a bit nervous he will be up and down like a yoyo though so wish me luck for tonight!! xx
  • i dont think age comes into it, unless they ask for big bed,like i did!!! i think physical safety and sleeping habbits come first. my son was 2 2 wks ago and cant climb out, shows no signs and plays up at bedtime so there is no way im moving him yet! plus my second due in may soi would rather wait till way after he is used to baby before another adjustment
  • We moved Daniel at 14 months, he was a very wriggly baby and kept getting his arms and legs stuck in the bars of the cot so we had little choice! Put a bed guard on for him for a couple of months but we've never had any problems with him. He stopped wriggling as much once he was in the big bed, absolutely loved it. Went through a phase of getting out when he was about 18 months old but couldn't get back into bed (very high) so had to buy him a step and used cc once he could get back in on his own; within a few days he was sleeping properly again image
  • both mine have been 16/17m. ds1 went then as I was pg with ds2, so wanted him to get used to a bed before baby arrived. His sleep changed for a week or so but then settled well. He was in a toddler bed with a little rail. He fell out twice.

    We've just put ds2 into a bottom bunk over past couple weeks. We have a bed guard this time as it is a full size bed. He has a step to get in and out (which he loves and stops him climbing the ladder!). He has settled well and sleeps so much better. He is a big baby though and filled his cot (plus he borke it trying to rock it over :roll: )

    Each to their own!

  • My lo isn't a climber and I aim to keep her in a cot for as long as I can - maybe till she is 3 or potty trained, which ever comes first. I can only imagine the problems I could have with sleepless nights if I put her in a bed, so trying to delay it as long as poss.
  • Just moved my girls a week after their 2nd birthday, been in a big bed now 12 nights, no bother at all. Mine were ready.
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