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6 month old doesnt really weight bare....

Hey all

My little boy is 6 months old and he really isnt interested in weight bearing. He has a jumperoo and he will just stand in it. When he is on his playmat or in the bath etc he will kick his legs and there is no stopping him, but he never tries to push on my legs when I pick him up.

He has not rolled either, which Im not actually bothered about and he can sit with a little support. I know all babies progress at different ages and Im trying not to worry, but he has problems with his neck and we see a physio so I just wonder if maybe this is something I should mention, or is he just a lazy little monkey image

Thanks in advance. D xxx


  • Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum, but I'll leave it up as maybe some of you may be able to give advice from when your lo's were younger image xxx
  • Hi ya I wouldnt be overly worried, i work in a nursery so have met many babies and they all develop at different times and in different ways, boys also tend to be abit lazy, If you are worried then mention it to your physio, but they should have picked up on it if they have noticed it, Are you still in touch with your health visitor??

    Jo image
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