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2 year check?

has anyone's LO had this? my son still isnt talking, and i was discussing him still not talking and she asked ' has he had his two year check?' i wasnt aware he had one! so my health vis is ringing me in morning about it and possible hearing test, just to rule that out.


  • how old is ur lo? my hv said they do 2yr check anywere from might be why they haven't done it as they have quite a far as i'm aware it's much like the 1yr check in that they just check that hey're generally around the appropriate milestones and refer on if need be...didn't think they had another hearing check (from birth) until school unless there is reason to suspect a problem...x
  • our check won't be till lo is 2.5 years.
  • he was 2 on jan 23rd.
  • we've just got our appointment through and Jensen is almost 2.5yrs (the ticker will tell you exactly...)

    it's next wednesday so i'll let you know what happens x
  • Hi,

    My dd was 2 in November and had hers a week after her birthday. The HV checked milestones etc and brought a lot of toys and books with her. She pointed to things in her book like cat, bus, ball etc and asked what they were called. She gave dd a pack of crayons to watch her scribble. She got out blocks to get her to build a tower to test her fine motor skills. She also did simple wooden puzzles and a colour matching game. All of this was marked on a scale which showed whether she was above/below the avergae line for her age. The check was quite thorough, but I don't know if all HV's do the same. They don't do any hearing tests until they're in school unless you flag up a concern. I would give them a ring and see what's the norm in your area.

    Hope this helps.x
  • yeah was told its 2.5 yrs.
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