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16 month old still wakes every night

My LO has never ever ever slept the magic 7pm-7am or even 6am. He wakes every single night between 3-5am and we literally give him his bottle and he feeds himself and goes back to sleep.

I wonder if anyone else has a LO still waking?

It doesnt really bother us too much as it is an easy wake BUT it will eventually have to stop. Should I just expect him to grow out of it or do I need to get the old cc shoes on and brave it for 3-4 days?

Thanks ladies


  • Hi Aka,

    I am interested to see what other replies you get as Gabe is also still waking. He came into our room last night at 2am before being quickly whisked back to his own bed. He was then asleep within about 2 minutes! He then woke up again at 4.45am! The 3-5am slot is very familiar to us so I can totally understand your "frustration".

    I am also hoping that it is just an age thing. We are trying to stop giving him milk (easier said than done as we tried milk twice last night)as we don't want him thinking that he is being rewarded for getting out bed and waking us up!! He also doesn't actually need it as he rarely drinks the whole lot.

  • Hi

    Just read your reply to my post in Dec09.

    My nearly 14mth old wakes between 11pm-1am most nights and takes 3oz-6oz milk, if we're lucky he'll sleep again until 6am-ish but sometimes I'm up again at about 5am and it's really touch-and-go as to whether he'll re-settle.

    As I said in my other post, we've tried CC but it really doesn't work Eddison (it did work with DS1 and he slept through from 5mths). He does seem to be improving in his own time, I've been really pushing him to eat more during the day and I think this has helped, at least he's taking less milk during the night!

    CC might work for your LO, but you wont know until you try. Personally, I would bite the bullett and give it a shot.

    Liz x
  • arrggghhh just replied and it got eaten !!!

    Ty is 15 months old and we've just been through this. He was waking every night between 11-2 having a bottle and going back down, if i was lucky until morning, mostly until 4am. Last week i decided to do something about it as I work full-time and was knackered. CC was out for us as he makes himself sick. So I went on babysleepanswers and paid for a 7 day consultation. It was fab, we've had some rocky nights but its been a week and we've had 4 nights of 11-12-13 hours of sleep straight through. he wakes up happier and now understands that he doesn't have milk through the night. It was a gentle approach but it seemed to work, (so far) they did warn it would take longer than CC. Maybe worth a look at the website, or if you email me, will try and explain what we did. (restricted time now as on lunch break)


  • This is probably a habit that your los have gotten themselves into and by giving them milk, that is the incentive to continue doing it.

    They should not need any food or drink during the night as what they get during the day should be sufficient.

    It is going to be hard, but you are going to have to be tough to break this habit and I would be prepared for a week of doing cc.

    I did cc when lo was 9 months old because she still wanted milk, and thankfully it only took me 3 days of being up during the night and lo has slept through ever since. when I was doing cc, i put my headphones on and read a book whilest I timed myself between visits, to avoid hearing the crying. I also prepared my neighbours too.

    I would really recommend cc, particularly if they are still in a cot as they can't get out.

    good luck
  • My LO has just turned 17months and was still waking at least once in the night and as i work i had got into the bad habit of giving him milk to settle back to sleep or would bring him into our bed. I had weeks of 5am starts too image We tried watering down his milk but that didnt affect him and he still woke for it so we went cold turkey and cut the bottle one week and implemented cc the following week. Hes started sleeping 7-6, sometimes he still wakes during the night but theres no crying, he just lies in his cot babbling away until he goes back to sleep.

    Good luck with the cc-its hard work and didnt work for us when we tried it 6months ago, but hubby wasnt supportive of me doing it then and you definately need to both be on board with it.

    Cutting down on naps has also helped-he now has an hour - 1.5hrs.
  • I work shifts and have decided to go cold turkey on my next set of days off!! It needs to be done........Soooooo nervous as I panic about neighbours and OH being tired too
  • Hiya

    This is what we did, give him his last bottle and then put the bottle out of sight, i then sing to him (poor thing) and put him down. If he starts crying (properly crying) then wait 5 mins, then go in. I roll him so his back is away from me and tap his back until he settles (no more than 10 mins), and then leave. If he starts, repeat again. Only pick him up if completely necessary. Offer drink of water if needs be. Have only needed to do this once. Also he has meds at the moment (molars on the way), but the first night I went in twice before he fell asleep (he's a grizzler not a cryer), 2nd night once. And to be fair at the moment he's sleeping through. I couldn't do CC as for me 5 mins was the longest I was prepared to leave him.

    Hope this helps.


  • We did cc for Olivia at 11 months and it did work to a degree, we never fed her during the night but she would wake and it was a nightmare getting her back down, after the cc she still wakes every night, several times a night but she goes straight back to sleep again as soon as we lie her down again
  • Not sure how much milk your LO is getting in the night but it worked for us by slowly reducing it.

    We gave him less each night until he was just down to about 2oz and then we switched to water for a few nights and eventually he gave up waking up for it!
  • Same probs as you a usual Lady K !!!

    CC is not working for us now as he is hysterical for over an hour !!! I might do that sleep answers thing.

    I'm shattered to be honest as working full time and if he only wakes once its been a good night.

    Currently I am trialing weetabix before bed fingers crossed xx
  • Nessie76 - I like your idea. Think I'll give it a try over the next week.

    So glad I found this thread, at least I know I'm not alone!

    Liz x
  • Pixie - sometimes its the knowing you arent the only one with a waking toddler!!

    Nessie we have reduced milk to 4oz and will keep cutting but then might have to go cold turkey. I have 7 months before baby no2 here to crack it!

    Nina - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haha it is soooooo tough and hard to find people who understand xxx
  • Lady K the weetabix worked past three nights even if he had two mouthfuls one night he has only woken at 5 had bottle and back to sleep till 7 !!! Fingers crossed but may be just a fluke. I'm not counting on it though we'll see how long it lasts. You are not alone.

  • what does CC mean?

  • contolled crying image

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