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Nasty nappies, inc poo description TMI alert!

For the past 2 days Eddison, 13.5mths, has had bad poo.

It's the consistency of Mr Whippy and the colour of dry sand and he's been going about 4 times a day (he's usually a once-a-day boy). I've never experienced anything like it before and I'm not sure what to attribute it to.

He is teething (top 2nd inscisors)but he's not showing any other signs of being unwell. He and his brother have always eaten lots fruit & veg and I've not introduced any new foods, but I have started giving him a beaker of dilute apple juice with breakfast because he kept trying to pinch his bro's open cup of juice.

He's not got nappy rash and his bottom doesn't look particularly sore, a little red but not raw.

Any suggestions?

Liz x


  • Every time my daughter (1year) is teething, it really affects her nappy. Bit runny, soooo smelly (smelly wee too) and from 1 a day to sometimes up to 10 a day!!

    So I would say if he's not unwell in himself and drinking plenty then I'd probably attribute it to teeth? Does it not normally affect his teeth? We have 6 teeth here and it's been the same symptoms every time, but maybe they're just affecting him more/differently this time round?

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