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saw doctor! argghhh.what do you make of this????

took carson to doc last night, he said he had chest infection-got amoxicillin.

i explained that for 6 wks or so he has had pain relief most days for either teething,fever,colds ect and i was concerned about that long tern use.

he looked at me as if i was mad! ' teething?, i dont believe in this teething'!!!!

what???? am i going mad then, i have been watching another child cry,bite everything he can get hold off,dribble for englnad and still have 3 molars to come threw!

he said when they first teeth yes but not now ,it wouldnt be causing him pain and i should keep giving medication!

so im really effing confused!


  • I think that your doc is on another planet. Gabe has suffered terribly with his molars. He has drooled for England, had high temperatures, clutched at his mouth.....If that isn't teething I don't know what is.

    Have you been giving a lot of antibiotics recently? If not, then I can't see a problem with giving him the antibiotics for the chest infection. Perhaps cut back on the pain killers and see what happens?

  • i no , i agree! what a total plonker!!! he hasnt had lots of antibiotics,but has had alot of neurofen or paracetamol, although sometimes just 1 dose a day,never more than 2. and i only give him if i can see he is in pain.
  • That doc can come and babysit my monster then - teething has changed him completely! He's clearly in agony sometimes, he even holds the side of his face and lo and behold, two days later a tooth will pop through. His nappies are really gooey and they're making his bum sore. Clearly I'm seeing things! What a mad thing to say!
  • image the back ones are the worst? i' assuming he applies the same logic to wisdom teeth then, i mean if a toddler can cope then what's all this fuss adults make eh? :roll: moron!
  • thats what i said to my mum!!!! how can we get used to pain, you dont!!!! the bloke is a idoit. if carson isnt better in a wk he wants to see him again. thats fine, but if he tells me he isnt teething i will ask to see someone with a brain! i should of asked him if he has kids!
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