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Hi, havent seen you on for a while. A little birdie told me you are DIO11!!! Wooo hooo me too and quite a few other toddler regulars.....are you going to pop in?



  • G/C She is posting on The Nest now I think, but quite possibly here too.
  • fab news! would like to offer my fellow marchie a very heartfelt congratulations...i'm sure P will be a super star big brother! hope u have a wonderful 9months xxx
  • Aw, thanks, ladies. Sorry not to have replied before but logging on to this site currently makes my laptop crash so I can only log on at work and only briefly as it is a new job and I don't want to rock the boat to much. (Coco is quite right, I am posting on The Nest which is a bit more user-friendly as far as my laptop is concerned.)

    Lady K, your birdy was quite right. My edd is 1st October so I am seven weeks today and feeling sick as a dog. Congratulations to you too and I hope you aren't feeling anywhere near as rough as I am! image:lol: I'll pop into DIO while my office mate is out and say hello, but thank you so much for my FAO. image
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