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hi my toddler screams  at bath time evey time I try to rub shampoo her hair  I do it gently and use a mild shampoo no tears so it cant hurt her eyes and it dont go no were near her eyes yet she scream ans gets vey upset have tried the bath hat but was usless as she would'nt wear it I dont want the tears but also dont wnt the constant battle over than that she a happy toddler any advice would be great.


  • try using swimming googles.
  • All my children have hated the hair washing.Even the no more tears stuff stings ,just a little.There is no magic cure,just have to do it as quickly as possible and get it over with.

    Some of mine have been able to hold a flannel over their eyes by about three.Once they start to understand to sit still and put their head back it's easier,till then I just do the best I can,as quick as I can.We use a jug  so we count how many.We make a bit of a game of the shamppo bit,we do hairstyles,and we play candles with the bubbles.It's the rinsing my lot hate,but it takes just a couple of minutes.Once it's over they're happy again.

    Arthur announced last week he doesn't cry when I wash his hair anymore,cos  he is 5 years old now.

  • hi thanks for ur answer I will try it thanks
  • Hello

    yes harry also hated the hairwashing I only do it once a week now as most nights he gets it wet anyway so has a rince, unless it is dirty with food etc, I agree do it as quickly as possible make it fun.

     last time we seemed to have turned a corner as he did hold his head back for me and therefore no water in his eyes - but before that I used a flannel on the front to rinse it - keep rinsing out the flannel and then rub over front of head, the back I use an empty bubble bath bottle so more of an aim and then poor water over the back trying to hold head back a little,

     Goggles sound like a good idea too, havent thought of that one before

  • hi

     i've always used a hairwashing ring that you can get from some supermarkets/chemists it keeps the water/shampoo off their face as the water runs off the side if they don't put their head back 

    hope this helps x

  • We had the same problem with my son. We tried flannels over his face (we let him pick a special one in the shops for that job) and having a towel ready to wipe the water away. By the time he starting learning to swim, he was almost phobic about water and is still not happy about swimming today (he's nine now)

    My only advice is to take this seriously and try to find a fun way to cope with this before it gets to bad.

    Good luck x 

  • hi every one i tried the flannel to the face and  it seems to be working really well at the mo so hope it stays that way
  • I need help washing my mums hair

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