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nursery questions AGAIN

my son is just 2-jan just gone! and has been at nursery 3 week.5 sessions.

when i went to pick him up today he was crying. they xplained to me that it was because at story time he didnt want to sit down for it and they made him and so he was upset/angry. they said up until now they let him just play but this time thought it was right to get him to join. now i guess my first reaction was why cant he just play? he is only 2! and theere a class of 2-5 year olds. but then i thought he was the only one and if they let him its not fair on other kids.

is my son just to young? are they expecting to much from him? or is it good that they show him that sometimes there are rules that boys/girls follow? i dont no. this really confused me today and made me feel a mixture of these things i mentioned. i wonder if maybe he isnt ready for nursery, he laso wont stay seated to eat,and just generally seems younger than the other 2 year olds! i somehow feel like a failure to him that he isnt doing what the other kids are doing.

part of me feels like its unfair ro set rules for a 2 year old, and the other part feels like 'when is the right time to teach him???

sorry if im ranting, i just left there feelong a little flat. :cry:


  • hi lara, no i havent spoke to them as it only happened today, i was going to see how he got on with it friday when he goes again.
  • Oh hun I think I would be a bit deflated too but I agree with the nursery staff and that he should really be starting to join in and learn that there are times for things. I know that all of our children grow at different speeds but the staff wouldn't make him do something they didn't think that he was capable of iyswim and letting him do something different to the others, like you say, isn't fair. He may play up for the first few days but usually its just because they're being told to do something they don't want to do.

    I hope you feel better about it soon and he settles down quickly x
  • yeah she seemed quite adament that he was just angry not upset, which i do believe. i guess it just feel that its not a big deal as he is only 2,and doesnt really understnd, that said its the only part of the 3 hr session that he 'has' to do something as such,rest of time its all play!
  • Yeah Keluk I get what you mean, I wouldn't see it as much of a big deal if my boy got up halfway through a story at home and I think boys especially are born fidgeters - mine can't sit still at all!! But when they get to school they do need to learn to sit still and be quiet ect so although this isn't as regimented its a nice easy way to ease him into it too. xx
  • i guess it was becuase he got so upset, that it bothered me
  • This would have bothered me too. I would hate the thought of my Lo getting upset by someone telling him to do something. I hate telling him myself and then seeing him upset, im such a wimp and usually back down!!

    That said, i do agree that children do need to learn at some point that there are rules/expectations etc. I know its hard and he has only done 5 sessions, no-one would want to see there child upset like that.

    Hopefully if he contiues, he will learn when it is time to sit down and listen to the story. Repetition is a good thing and im sure he will learn to love story time. xxxxxx
  • Ahh that's so hard. I would hate to see my little one was upset and I hadn't been there to comfort /reassure him. But at the same time I wouldn't say he's too young to understand he has to sit still sometimes. I take Theo to Monkey Music and before he turned 1 he was allowed to wonder off during the class but after 1 parents had to make them sit on their laps for the class (except the dancing bits). To start with Theo didn't like being made to stay but it wasn't long before he got it and he never wonders off now (21 months) so thy do learn. It's difficult though if you're not there but like you say it's only 1 part of the session. Xx
  • see most 2 year olds prob do understand but i dont think carson does, he seemed to be so upset like he didnt understand,i dunno
  • He probably doesn't get it just yet, it's one of those things that he has to learn through experience. But it is horrible if it upset him so much. I feel for you xx
  • dont want to pick him up and everytime he is crying, do i go with it or ask them to just leave him?
  • yeah, i spoke to a mum i no who works as nurserey nurse who said they can not hold him down certainly or force him to do anything he doesnt want to do.
  • Hi,

    The chances are as the other ladies have said he hasnt settled quite in yet.

    That being said do they not divide the class in to smaller age groups. It a bit hard to expect a 2 year old to have the same attention span as a 5 year old. Is it sit quiet and listen story time or interactive stuff? If it is sit and listen then it would be hard for him.

    Try and not worry he is still exploring his new environment - why would he want to sit still when he has all these lovely nooks and crannys and new toys to play with.

    Maybe at home try spending 10 minutes a day doing story time so its not such a shock in nursery .

  • i do read to him at home and he will sit on my lap and listen but not for long!
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