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nice mum,not sure about child???

met up with a mum i met on net mums, she was lovely.we met at my house. her daughter same age as my son,but more advanced. she wasnt a bad kid but she kept shouting at my son when he was playing with his own toys and sntaching them and screaming at him! it didnt go on constantly but enough that he kept crying when she did it. he is a senstive soul and not really used to kids in his face,i comforted him but at same time wanted him to fight back as such. he did push her away a few times when he came over to him and i think sussed quickly he didnt like her! but in the end was just scared i think. her mum did repeatly tell her off and in the end shouted at her that she was mean and had made carson cry! i no she is only two but i felt protective.

we got on well so i do want to see her again but not if my son is going to get upset by her each time!

he noramlly doesnt like full on kids anyway, he is a quiet boy.

so im not sure what to do here?


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