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Settling them into nursery?

My 2 year old ds is going to be starting nursery for the first time in the next few weeks. I'm going to start him on 2 mornings and then perhaps more if he enjoys it and we can afford it!

This will be his first experience of being looked after by anyone but family so i'm not sure how well he will settle. But i'll probably find it harder than him!

How did you go about settling your lo in? Did you stay for a while on the first session and then leave? Or spend the whole first session there? I guess it depends on the child but I don't want him to get too used to me being there and hang around too much as it may be harder for him. Any advice would be great!


  • Hi hun, how exciting that Isaac is going to nursery! I'm probably not much help as Al first went when he was 7 months - he had a 2 hour settling in session and I just took him in and then left. He was absolutely fine, I was definitely worse but you do get used to it and once I was back at work I was fine. Hope he has a lovely time! x
  • I took Livvy for a hour a week before she started and was told to leave her and then come back to collect her and she was fine then when I first took her for her full day she did have a little cry and was told they would ring me and they did and she was fine after I had gone.

    She only does one day a week but she will be doing two days once baby arrives.

    The first few times I dropped her off she had a little cry but was told she was fine after I had gone and I used to be a nursery nurse so I know this is true with children image

    I think it is best to just to leave them as the longer you stay the harder it is to come away and leave them and best for them too.

    Livvy loves it at her nursery and sometimes do not want to come away image

    Hope Isaac is fine settling in and they do so much at nursery and lots of little friends to play with image

    Gem x

  • Thanks girls! I'm sure he'll love nursery once he's all settled in. I really don't know how he'll take to it at first but i'll be worse than him for sure! Just have to make sure I don't blub away in front of him!!

    Sounds like a good idea to stay for a little while and then leave on the first session. Might do a shorter first session as you suggest.

    This is soooo hard but I know will be worth it! Good to know Al and Livvy enjoy it! x
  • I was nearly crying when i had to leave Livvy image and i got home and was not used to it being so quiet :lol:

    Gem x

  • I agree you shouldn't stay too long. Explain what you're going to do and make sure you say goodbye and see you soon, rather than sneaking away, as even if this upsets LO initially, they will eventually learn that you are definitely coming back for them! It took Sam about 6 weeks to settle completely, and now he loves it and has a real attachment to his key worker.
  • carson been going a mopnth now, two mornings a wk 9-12 and he is 2. i have been very lucky he has never cried,but when i pick him up he has to be in my arms as soon as he sees me or he cries then! i stayed a while first time as doing paper work ect,then told him i was going and be bcak in a minute-which i did. he was fine. then i said i was going and pick him up in a hour-which i did and he was again fine. second time gave him kiss watched him for few mins and left,now i just say bye,tell him see him in a bit and go!

    i no my son and i dont go by set times,how long i stay/dont stay and i was right in my situation. however i dont think staying lonbg each time is good idea. i believe he settled well as he knew i was coming back as i proved it when went briefly and returned first time,but thats my theory. the nursery told me to do this as they said in there experience it helps. the second time they were kean for me to go quickly but i stayed briefly and he was fine. do what you feel is got the impression they felt i worried to much,but i didnt care, i no my son best,not them! i take on baord there opnions but ultimatley do what i feel will work
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