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Hi ladies. Got a Q for those with older children.

J definately needs to go into a bigger bed. He is in a 'toddler' bed is that the same as a junior bed or is the junior bed the next step up? Or will I need to get a normal single bed? xx


  • i agree with lisa. both my two went straight from cot bed to single bed with no problems. both moved quite early too as i was expecting another baby and needed the cot back! i think junior beds look lovely but money was more of an issue with us as it seemed an uneccessary expense in the end. i suppose it depends on what you feel your child would be comfortable in.
  • Yep same for mine too. Straight from cot/cotbed to a standard single with a bed guard.
  • I echo the rest!!

    Straight from cotbed to bottom bunk of bunkbeds with a bedguard. Let alone cost, we didn't have the space, bunkbeds were the only option!!
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