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OT- wedding dress from ebay ?

My cousin is getting married and was thinking of buying a wedding dress on ebay possibly from China. Does anyone have any experiance and any tips of where is good.

Random Post I know !!!


  • Hiya I bought my wedding dress from which I think is mostly chinese traders. I looked especially for one with free p&p as this can often be the most expensive bit. I chose a dress I liked (a designer copy) and sent my measurements and the dress cost me about ??100. When it came the dress was really good quality, although it needed altering a little which was to be expected and my grandma is a dressmaker and so she did all the alterations.

    Even if she put her measurements in exact I'd still advise her to find a dressmaker who will be up for doing the alterations just incase it will need taking in/up. x
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