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nap,what would you do?

my son is 25 months and seems to be a dilema at the moment.

if cant amke it through day most days without a nap,is very irritable,doesnt eat well ect. and on nursery days he is beat when he finishes at 12pm. however when he naps to long,mainly anytime over 1hr or so he will sleep 2-3 hrs if i let him! he will tehn create at bed,or play in cot up to 11pm some nights! or wake in night,playing or just restless. he doesnt seem ready for a nap before 12,and wakes around 3pm if i let him. should i let him nap but wake him after an hour? i guess this is a happy medium,but feels mean as he usually wakes up grumpy!


  • ds is 23 months and naps for 1.5-2hours every afternoon (from 1.30pm) sometimes longer, i've never found it to interfere with his bed time, but if we wake him too early then it does as he'll be over tired...i would let him have longer than an hour personally if thats waht he wants/needs hth x
  • thats the thing, it does interfer with bed,11pm is way to late. yesterday i woke him after 1 hr 20,he was ok. he started to create at 730, so i put him to bed, he was tired! but he cried and wouldnt settle. i got him up and it was like he was never tired! he played for almost 2 hrs! then i took him up at 9ish and he went off.
  • im really suprised that there isnt more replies on this! am i the only one?
  • i dont have any advice but didnt want to r and r. I work on the thery that sleep breds sleep so if toby doesnt nap properly in the day that iterfers with bed time.

    i hope there are some more helpful answers than mine! what time does he wake up in the morning?
  • also if you feel that waking him is the answer then doe it so he wakes naturally - flushing chain, making more noise etc just an idea x
  • hi, thats how i usually wake him,sometimes it works and sometimes i have to just pick him up! today again, i havent let him sleep past 2pm, i was on phone walking back from nursery when he fell asleep so i have no idea how long he was asleep for although he finishes nursery at 12,so it wasnt more than 2 hrs.see how he goes tonight,he may be tired by 7-8 as he had busy morning!
  • Can't really offer any real advice. But Riley will sometimes go all day without a nap and we just put him to bed a little earlier at about 6.30-7pm. Most days when he does nap it's fairly late, like today he fell asleep at about 3.15pm and he'll probably wake up somewhere around 5.15pm (he normally sleeps about 2hrs). He probably won't go to bed until somewhere between 7.30 and 8.30pm tonight now (would be later if he had his way!) but I don't really mind. If I did mind I'd wake him up at 4pm but I'd rather him sleep than me wake him and be mardy. x
  • your lucky if he can wake at 1715 and go bed at 8 ish! thats only 3 hrs till bed,carson wouldnt be ready till 11pm!
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