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Why does my toddler have such runny nappies?

Hiya my daugther has not long turned one and she has always had really soft poo and she feels the nappie right up to the point she leaks in minutes! she is still on cow and gate +1 milk as when i tryed her on cows milk she was sick with it and her nappies were worse, but i do give her gows milk with her breakfast and she is fine with it. she isnt sick with it dayly shes happy im just finding it stressful with the mess its all makes. the doctor said some toddlers can just get it but i feel that its a bit more then she just has it and will grow out of it! if anyone has any ideas please!! help!! thanks xx


  • Hi,Hayleigh.

    Your daughter sounds very much like my toddler at that age.Really filthy nappies,and still quite sicky.Not a lot at one time but little bits here and there,there was always that smell.We did go ahead and change to cows milk at a year.Sometimes they manage the change better if you change an ounce at a time,so 8oz formula to 1oz cows,next day do 7 formula to 2 cows,and so on.

    We did find Matilda seemed to have a slight intolerance(I wouldn't call it an allergy )of cows milk.I kept her on the cows milk,but she only had the two cups of milk a day,one at breakfast ,I gave it around an hour after cereal so she was less sicky,and one after tea,again an hour afterWe tried soya milk,and goats milk,she hated both and I don't blame her.I changed her milky puddings to soya and cut down the cheese,this helped a lot.She was happy with that change.We tried goats cheese,which also helped.With Matilda,we also found wheat a problem so had to cut that out too.A few changes to her diet,but the nappies improved,and the sickiness went away.

    Matilda's nearly two now and we've managed to reintroduce all those things a little at a time,and she eats everything now.We do have a few problems that cause runny nappies(too much fruit at the moment,I have to be careful with that),and she occasionally has a bit of what I'd say is more regurge than sick(sorry image) but it's a huge improvement on what she was.

    It may be just a case of taking something out of your little girl's diet,does sound like milk.It might not be forever. She may well grow out of it,Matilda has more or less done just that.

  •  Thank you so much! it really helps to know that shes not the only one!

    Im going to try out what you have said with slowly cuting things out im really glad you have been able to help as the doctor just made me feel worse about it all Thank you x

  • my son also got very running when drinking cow milk. if u consider to use cow milk, mix half cow half formula. try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens. then 3oz of cow with 1 oz of milk for a couple milk, then cow milk. i did that with my son, now he is ok. it take time for the body to get adjust with cow milk.

  • Hi agen ive been slowly adding cows milk to kyra's morning bottle and oz extra of cows milk a day over the past week and yesterday and today her nappies have been bad agen there a creamy colour and smell of like off milk witch was what they was like befor when i tryed her on cows milk. i dnt no wether to carry on with trying her on the milk or wether to ask for her to be checked out at the doctors. Any ideas????? xx thanks xx
  • That's what Matilda's used to smell like.Lookedimage like chicken korma.Does sound like a reaction to the milk.Petit filous and similar puddings used to make it worse too,and cheese.You could try soya milk,change it in the same way you're introducing the cow's milk. Formula contains cows milk anyway,so with a child who has a severe allergy,they wouldn't tolerate it,there'd be a reaction to that and they probably wouldn't thrive well.Alpro make soya milk,plain and flavoured.They also make puddings.I used to get soya yogurts too.All those were available in Tesco,I assume they're quite east to find everywhere.I changed the milk for just a while, then just the puddings and cheese to goats cheese,again easy enough to find,and for us that was enough,but you may need to try soya or goats milk.These things tend to be more expensive,but it's just one of those things you have to do sometimes,and it's not necessarily forever,children do grow out of these things,as we found.You can reintroduce things later a little at a time,if it's okay then that's okay,if you get a reaction,maybe wait awhile longer.

    You can take her to the doctors.Make sure you mention the smell too cos some toddlers have "toddlers diarrhoea "which is different.

    Hope you find what works for you and Kyra.

  • Hi just a thought but the problem may be a lactose intolerance.

    My son had very bad wind down below and what I thought was a bad case of colic, however when he was 6 months old he got diarrheoa, had it for six weeks (and I know what you mean about  the mess!)

    Anyway several trips back and forth to the docs being told different things like (sometimes babys just get diarrheoa and it should clear up on its on!) taking a sample of his toilet and checking it for infections ect ect they finally tried him on SMA lactose free milk and in two days the diarrheoa cleared up. I was annoyed that they had left him with diarrheoa for six weeks scratching there heads trying to think what the problem could be.

    After speaking to a dietitian who advised that the bad wind and diarrheoa my son was having are symtoms of lactose intolerance, being sick is also a symtom but thankfully my son did not get this. My son also had bad colic or so I thought but was told that to would have been caused by the lactose issue.

    My son is now two and still on SMA LF milk, he get some diary in his diet though, cheese, petit filous ect on advice from dietitian. I am told he should grow out of it soon.  Lactose Intolerance is an intolerance to the sugar that is in cows milk (sorry just incase you dont know)

    You can get SMA LF milk free of charge on prescription or I think boots now sell it. You can also now buy LF cows milk, butter ect from most super markets.

    I am not saying this is what your daughter has but no harm in getting her checked out for it.

    Hope this was of some help.

    Che x

  • Thank you once agen girls! very helpful xx
  • My Daughter is going through this at t he moment at about 2 months old, going to take some of your advice on this forum and try it, along with booking the dr's first to make sure there is nothing wrong with her, our other daughter was lactose intolerant for the 1st 2 years before building up an immunity so i hope this will pass, unless you have any other ideas. 



    Simon Goddard

  • My Daughter is going through this at the moment at about 2 months old, going to take some of your advice on this forum and try it, along with booking the dr's first to make sure there is nothing wrong with her, our other daughter was lactose intolerant for the 1st 2 years before building up an immunity so i hope this will pass, unless you have any other ideas. 



    Simon Goddard

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