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Separation Anxiety at bedtime

Hi ladies

My 18month old has just started in the last week screaming at bedtime and hanging on to us for grim dealth so upsetting taking about an hour to get her to sleep in her cot. Just wondering if anyone has or is experiencing this, have you found anything to make things easier etc?

Im going to go and see my health visitor this week.

Several things have changed im 35wks pregnant, i stopped for maternity leave 2weeks ago (i only worked 2days a week), she has started potty training is it just a development thing?

Any help is appreciated im at my wits end.

thanks xx


  • I don't really have an answer as my dd never did this but I'm guessing she is sensing change is near.Toddlers are very perceptive and although they may not be able to verbalize how they feel, they show it in other ways.

    How much your LO understand about the new baby? Maybe between that and potty training she's not feeling confident or scared about change. If p/t isn't that far along I think I would postpone it a few months until you're more settled with the new LO and she's a bit older...

    Otherwise singing with her might help to settle her or a few extra stories and of course extra and hugs and kisses go a long ways! Does she have a favourite book?

    I hope you figure it out - you must be tired at 35 weeks.

  • Hi Jen, I replied to your other thread about waking early - so sorry to hear you're having trouble with getting her to sleep in the first place.

    Daniel went through the same at about the same age (I was pregnant at the time though we later mc'd so was absolutely shattered as well), and unfortunately he was in his big boy bed and couldn't actually climb into it - I had to keep putting him back in! Went on for almost 3 months, until he was a little taller and could climb into the bed, then I used CC to get him to settle again. Within a few nights he was sleeping through again, but it was so draining as he would scream nearly all night (with short bursts of sleep in between!)

    You've mentioned you're potty training; our sleep probs this time started when we were potty training him as well, so maybe its linked to that? He hates being wet, and screams hysterically when he needs to go - so often wakes through the night for that, so I think it is linked.

    There is a lot going on at that age, and of course they pick up on our pregnancies as well and all the changes that come with it. Dont think it'll settle anytime soon unfortunately!! I tried doing milky drink before bedtime and that hasn't helped, just made him get up to wee more!!

    Really hope your hv can help, but it might just be a wait and see thing. Big hugs xxx
  • Thanks ladies

    It wasnt my intention to potty train her just now but she is telling me when she needs the toilet so dont see how i could postpone it.

    She still has her bottle before bed so lots of cuddles too.

    Thanks ladies wish i had a magic wand. xx
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