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How will you deal with the clocks going forward?

Hi Everyone. This is my first post in here - DD turns 1 next month so I thought it was about time I upgraded!

Before the clocks went back in Oct I had managed to get her sleeping through from 6.30pm - 7am. She did this for a blissful month until the clocks went back (which I didn't really think about - just put her to bed usual time that weekend) and ever since she wakes anywhere between 4.30 and 5.30am. Sometimes she'll take some milk and go back to sleep but not always.

The clocks go forward in a couple of weeks and I don't want to underestimate the effect it might have! I'm hoping it just means she'll sleep later but I don't want to count my chickens!

Any tips? Thanks!

K x


  • All i do is put ds to bed 15mins either earlier or later(dep on spring/autum) every nite on the week leading up to the clocks changing and it has worked so far (ds 2 in may)

    a late nite for the 2nites leading up to the clock change works for some friends i have.

    good luck x
  • The clocks already went forward in N. America this past weekend!

    We let our dd wake up normally and amazingly she also chose to sleep a bit longer Sunday morning - YAY - so we all had a good lie in yesterdat... Last night we just put her to bed about 45 mins. later than normal but I think tonight she'll be OK at the regular time. Personaly I think falling back an hour is harder than going ahead for some reason

  • ah crap! when do the clocks change? forgot about this...with ds we jsut changed it by half an horu for a week then the other half hour after that...bugger, not sure what to do though, dd is 3months and won't sleep until 11pm as it is, can't be dealing with a midnight bedtime! bugger! x
  • I think we'll just put her to bed 30 mins earlier the night before then at the new 7pm on the day and see what happens.

  • I think they change on 27th March.
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