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Growing veg with LO

My LO is 17 months and although he wouldnt understand growing veg now I think by the summer he will kinda get the concept - maybe. haha at least the watering then picking etc

can you grow veg in summer? what is best for june/july time? when do you have to plant from? (im not v good with these things)


  • Tomatoes can be potted anytime now really in a pot or tray. As can peppers. I've also been led to believe that certain salad leaves and herbs (basil) can be potted now.

    You've made me want to do it now so I may pop to the garden centre this arvo.

  • I tried this last year when my ds was around 16/17 months and it ended in disaster... He kept pulling the plants out of the pots. In the end the plants died and they all went in the bin. This year however I really want to try and grow something. Im thinking of a sunflower, as apparently they are fast growing. I know its a bit trivial but how about cress? Its quick to grow so they can see progress day to day. I got some daffs for the garden a couple of weeks ago and let my ds help plant them (hes now 2) and he was bored within mins and tried to pull the plants out.... Maybe I just have a destructive lo!! image
  • we have a family allotment, so Isabelle will hopefully be helping out (as she did last summer by eating dirt and leaves!)

    what about windowsill herbs in baked bean cans? you can also do chillis in them too. Courgettes will grow whatever you do to them!

    we already do lots of feeling plants and being gentle to them, Isabelle has always played in the garden, and if she rips the heads off my azaleas this year and eats them I will plant her! She loves the textures, the pussy will is in flower at the moment, and she loves stroking the buds.

    Think what I am trying to say is start the respect and being used to handling them now, and the growing will be easy! We love going to NT gardens, there is a fab sensory one near us that has loads of low level stuff, and smelly bits etc, could you visit somewhere like that?

    Bets XxxX
  • DS1 decorated plant pots & planted pansy seeds in them as Easter presents last year, when he was about 19 months. He also planted sunflowers & tomatoes for at home.

    He loved the whole concept & would check each morning to see if his plants had grown. Unfortunately the tomatoes didn't survive as they got forgotten when DS2 arrived but one of the sunflowers grew & he would water it every time we went out to play in the garden.
  • Do you need a greenhouse or cover up the plants while they are growing?
  • G/C here, but other than those suggested by others, runner beans would be a great plant to try (if you've got room outside). Plant the seeds end March / early April two to a small pot, water, cover with clingfilm and pop in the airing cupboard until they sprout (usually takes a couple of days). You can then keep them on a sunny windowsill until they're ready to go out, but they do grow fast and need support from a cane. Once the risk of frost has passed plant them outside in a sunny spot against a cane wigwam and they'll soon shoot all the way to the top and you'll soon see red or white flowers (depending on the variety) appearing which eventually turn into the beans to be harvested from about August, and will keep you going until early October.

    They don't take much work and grow really well.
  • i am currently growing tomatoes and coriander from seed with LO. He has his own watering can which he loves and he waters the seedlings everyday. they are covered (clear plastic top) on the windowsill atm and we will plant them out early summer. he does need a lot of supervision but seems to enjoy the process so far.x
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