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Food - when can you give Toddlers........

My lo is 25 months, and wondered when I can give her cooked chicken legs(with bone included) and runny eggs?

Thanks for your help


  • Not sure about the chicken but I think runny eggs are ok after 12 months. Basically avoid anything you can't eat while pregnant for the first year but after that it's ok.
  • i have been giving LO (18 months) dippy egg and soliders for a month or so and he loves it. I held back for a while due to an allergic reaction to egg at 8 months but he's fine now. as for chicken on the bone, as long as they are supervised in so far as not letting them get any small bits of bone in the mouth, i don't see the problem. when LO hit 12 months i gradually became a lot more relaxed about what food to give him and wanted to experiment more. also he wanted to eat what we had so that's how the dippy egg thing happened. x
  • thanks ladies. I think we may leave the chicken drumstick at the moment because I know I will just have to endure a tantrum from her if she starts eating the wrong bits.

    The egg is worth a go as I have problems with her eating other egg products except quiche
  • What about deboning the chicken for your LO and just leaving the meat?

    Sometimes I think my dd is a vegetarian as we struggle in the meat dept. but she will eat a bit of chicken so this is what I usually do to get her to eat some...

    As for eggs, I think by 25 months she can eat just about everything unless there are allergies. I've never served runny eggs as we prefer hard boiled eggs - I think my dd started eating those before she was 2... I agree with your LO about the quiche - yummy! image
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