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big bed question

when you move your child into big bed, did you stay with them till fell asleep?


  • Nope, just left him same as usual. x
  • No i Just put Livvy in,read her a story,Gave her kisss then went out the room. We had a few tears but she soon went off and has slept so better then in her cot.

    Gem x

  • no we just did out normal routine
  • they didnt get out?
  • No mine didn't at first. If he ever does now he'll knock on the door and shout me so we go up and put him back in bed, otherwise if we leave him to shout he has been known to fall asleep on the floor! x
  • Livvy has never got out after she has gone to bed. Even in the mornings she don't she just calls "mummy" image

    Gem x

  • No, we just kept bedtime routine as normal. First few nights he stayed in bed but we then had a few nights of him getting up but once he realised we weren't going to play with him if he got up he stayed in bed.
  • the first night he thought it was hilarius to get up every few seconds but rarely gets out now,
  • Are you having troubles with this? Daniel didn't at first (he went into his big bed at 14 months and we kept his routine the same) but a few months later he took ill, once he was better he started getting out of bed - if I could have I would have left him to cry it out and go back to bed but he couldn't climb back into the bed! It was too high. lol. So I had to keep putting him back in for a while until he learnt to use a step to get into bed. Then I ignored him and within a couple of days he was returning to bed and settling himself back to sleep.
  • no i havent moved him yet but i am just arming myself with info!
  • we did normal routine, just like we had with her cot.

    someone gave us tip of putting stair gate on bedroom door which has been amazing, if she gets up she is safe in her room and realises she can't get further so takes herself back into her bed.

    First night she needed to be put back in a few times as she cried a little, then from next night on she stays in her bed just like she did in her cot and goes straight to sleep. She is 22 months and only just moved her.

    how old is your LO?
  • carson is 26 months.x
  • Can I ask you ladies if you put your little ones in a cot bed or a normal single bed? I'm not sure what age they can go in a normal bed.
  • We put Livvy in a normal single bed at 23 months and had no problems and she loves her bed image

    Gem x

  • my sons cot is a cot bed anyway so we will just take bars off when ready
  • we just changed out cotbed to a bed so its very low, he went in at 13 months x
  • We put charlotte into a normal single bed with a bedguard on at around 18 months and she was fine. Went to sleep as normal that night, and 6 months on still doesnt get out of bed unless an adult is present she just yells when she wants up.

    We kept the routine exactly the same.
  • Riley was in a cotbed and has just moved into a toddler bed, which is the same size as the cotbed and the same height so not too much of a fall if he falls out! He's never had a bedguard, so has fallen out a handful of times but is getting better at not. He always gets out in the morning and bangs on the door shouting me when he's awake. x
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